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Students of business management need the right attitude and ambition to get ahead in their career as well as the drive to develop both in Finland and internationally.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Service Business Management
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Duration of studies: 210 ECTs, 3,5 years

Students of business management have excellent employment opportunities. Nearly all of our students find employment after they complete their degree. The banking sector is a large employer (economy, finance, insurance), as are trade and HR management.

The content of the degree programme

The Degree Programme in Business Management offers a broad education, focusing on the core skills needed in the workplace. In view of future employment, you can emphasise different elements of studies, depending on your interests, goals and dreams.

The degree programme is designed to include core competence studies, which are obligatory for all students, as well as complementary studies. Complementary studies are electives that let you choose what to focus on in greater detail. Complementary studies may be offered in the form of lecture courses, but also as a work placement or research-oriented thesis, during which you get to develop the activities of, for example, a real company.

"There are numerous employment opportunities and the sky is the limit,” says Ilkka Kurkela, Development Manager, Business Management.

What are the studies like?

The Degree Programme in Service Business Management is based on the idea that studies and learning can be organised in different ways to accommodate different life situations. Laurea offers school-like study units where studies are organised in the classroom on campus, but studies also increasingly take place online or in the form of projects. In other words, you can choose from a range of programmes, and opt for the one that best suits your learning style. Contacts with employers and companies lie at the core of business management education. They are included in all forms of studies: daytime studies, online studies and projects. During their studies, students build contacts with employers and get acquainted with real-life work environments.

Laurea’s students value their sense of community. You will have the chance to participate in numerous student events, which are also entertaining. You will make life-long friends during your studies.

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The strengths of the programme

Student-orientedness is one of our strengths: we take different forms of study into account. We are also strong in workplace connections. Nearly all of our students find employment after they graduate. Internationality is our third area of strength. We understand that business management is global in nature, so we offer our students opportunities to gain experience of international environments.

Laurea follows the Learning by Developing (LbD) model in its activities. This can take the form of, for example, a real business development project, involving a group of students. During the project, students improve their interaction, scheduling, performance and reporting skills as well as other skills needed in the workplace. These projects have received a great deal of positive feedback from employers. At Laurea, students can choose from several “competence paths”, such as marketing, financing, economy, entrepreneurship, service design or human resource management.

Projects are carried out jointly with, for example, students of business information systems. This means students learn to work with experts from other educational backgrounds.

It is important for students to learn to operate in a network environment. As a member of a project team, you will become familiar with remote work, learn to reflect on your own thinking and use a network platform.

The Degree Programme in Service Business Management keeps up to date with development. During their studies, students work with the same programmes and systems used in companies. Laurea has a regularly convening workplace panel, which enables business partners to develop education together with Laurea. Companies and organisations describe the skills and knowledge they find to be important at the time, and these are taken into account in degree programme development. This helps companies ensure that the students are suitable for employment straight after school.

How is the international aspect reflected in the studies?

Cultural empathy will be an important workplace skill in the future. It is important to learn to work with people from different cultures, who may have a whole different way of looking at things. You can also choose to complete a double degree or join one of our numerous student exchange programmes around the world. We encourage you to participate in different projects - excellent language skills are by no means required. 

How many work placements are included?

The Degree Programme in Service Business Management includes two periods of work placement, which last for three months. The placements can be completed in one stretch. Companies and organisations offer work placement and jobs to Laurea’s students, but you can also look for a workplace independently.

Employment opportunities

Students of business management have excellent employment opportunities. Nearly all of our students find employment after they complete their degree. The banking sector is a large employer (economy, finance, insurance), as are trade and HR management. Some of our graduates head off to other countries. If you have specialised in, say, marketing, you can find work developing a company’s digital marketing activities. After graduation, you also have the skills needed to set up your own company.

The degree provides you with a good set of skills for work and the workplace. You will also be prepared to continue to learn in a changing world. At Laurea, we emphasise the attitude of continued self-development.

Entrance examination

The entrance examination is different every year. Usually it is based on material that is indicated in advance. The examination tests applicants on their logical and mathematical skills and includes questions related to the advance material. Students should read the instructions carefully.

Tuition fees and grants

Non-EU/EEA area students who have been selected through the Finnish joint application for admission to degree programmes taught in English are charged tuition fees.

Tuition fee: €8000/ academic year for non EU/EEA students.

Grants are intended for students paying yearly tuition fee in accordance with the grant fund regulations. The grants are provided to students applying for them provided that the student has completed at least 60 credits of studies that count towards their degree programme in the previous academic year ending on 31st July. ​The size of any grant is to be at most equivalent to 10% of the yearly tuition fee​.

Read more about the tuition fees and grants >>

Further studies

You can continue your studies in a Master's degree programme. You can apply for a Master's degree programme in an university of applied sciences after you have worked for three years in after completing your bachelor's degree. There are even paths leading to doctoral studies.

In order to be eligible to apply for a Master’s level degree programme in a university you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a university or a UAS Bachelor’s degree.

What is a typical business management student like?

Students of business management need the right attitude and ambition to get ahead in their career as well as the drive to develop both in Finland and internationally. You enjoy working with people and are perhaps interested in sales, leadership, human resources, financial matters and economic phenomena. You are optimistic and ambitious and respect other people. You find the digital world natural and are interested in it. However, you are also people-friendly and follow a person-to-person approach in your work.

More information:

Bachelor of Business Administration, Service Business Management, Leppävaara, 25 study places

  • Studies begin: Fall 2020
  • Mode of teaching: Full-time Studies
  • Teaching time: Monday-Friday
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