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The programme is implemented as full-time studies. Classes are held from Mondays to Fridays. Next application period: January 5th to January 19th.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Service Business Management
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Duration of studies: 3.5 years (210 ECTS)

Graduates have excellent employment opportunities with the majority finding employment after graduation. Students can find work in a variety positions such as accountants, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, purchasing agents or business controllers.

Programme content

The Degree Programme in Business Management offers a broad education, focusing on the core skills needed in the workplace. Depending on your future employment plans and your own interests, you have different study options to choose from.

The degree programme includes core competencies, which are obligatory for all students, and complementary competencies. Complementary competencies are elective courses that let you focus on a specific area of business. Your studies also include up to two work placements and a final project or thesis.

Core competence

The compulsory core competencies contain modules that will equip you with essential skills and competencies in the following areas:

  • Business operations - 40 ECTS
  • Business Development - 30 ECTS
  • Sustainability and Business Analysis – 30 ECTS
  • Work life competences – 60 ECTS, including two work placements, 15 ECTS each

Complementary competence

You may choose your complementary competencies from the following:

Organizational Behaviour – 15 ECTS

You will understand the importance of leadership in improving the quality of organization processes and the well-being of employees, as well as individual performance and productivity.

Human Resources Management – 40 ECTS

You will be able to lead and develop personnel, teams and HR activities in accordance with a company's business strategy and organizational culture, and in compliance with labour legislation. 

Logistics and International Trade – 15 ECTS

You will develop your knowledge and understanding of demand-based supply chain management and international trade. You will be able to implement solutions in the supply chain that meet customer needs and to assess their profitability impacts.

Digital Marketing and Sales – 25 ECTS

You will gain knowledge in digital marketing channels, content marketing, digital analytics, web page building and online business, developing a broad insight into the digital customer experience.

Customer Relationships and Marketing – 50 ECTS

You will acquire a command of marketing and sales planning as well as of the development of customer relationships. You will be able to plan and develop the company's customer management processes for specific target groups with the goal of achieving profitable and long-term customer relationships.

Management Information Systems – 10 ECTS

You will acquire a basic understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and managerial issues, such as using data effectively in decision-making.

Management Accounting – 15 ECTS

You will be able to calculate the cost and price of a product or service and learn to set up a discounted cash flow analysis and determine the feasibility of a project. You will also gain knowledge of how to develop the budgeting process and understand the behavioural implications of the process.

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Studying in the Business Management programme

Laurea follows the Learning by Developing (LbD) model in its activities. This can take the form of, for example, a real business development project, involving a group of students. During projects, you will improve your interaction, scheduling, performance and reporting skills as well as other skills needed in the workplace. These projects have received a great deal of positive feedback from employers.

The studies in this programme are mostly daytime studies during the first year. During the second year the amount of online and project studies increases. The programme is designed to be completed in three to three and a half years. However, it is possible to speed up the studies and graduate earlier.

Laurea has flexible RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) procedures in place. In practice, more experienced students can have certain studies or work experience recognized as prior learning and receive credits for it. As an example, if the student has valid industrial certifications, these can be recognized in the student's personal study plan.

Work placements and employment

The Degree Programme in Business Management includes two periods of work placement, each lasting 10 weeks. The placements can also be completed in one stretch, lasting five months, either in Finland or abroad. Students are responsible for finding the work placements themselves however Laurea cooperates with a wide range of companies that also offer work placements for our students.

The degree provides you with a functional set of skills for working in multiple business areas. The vast majority of our students find employment after they graduate, in Finland or abroad.

As a graduate you have a possibility to work in different roles such as:

  • Accountant
  • Marketing manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Purchasing agent
  • Business Controller

You will also be equipped to continue learning in a changing world. Many of our students go on to study on Master’s programmes. At Laurea, we emphasize a positive attitude to continued self-development.

Internationality in studies

You will study in a multicultural group of students. You can also choose to either complete a double degree abroad in France, Austria, Mexico, or join one of our numerous student exchange programmes around the world. In addition, you can also take your job placement abroad in an international organization. We also offer several language courses together with other universities in the capital area.

Tuition fees and grants

Non-EU/EEA area students, who have been selected through the Finnish joint application for admission to degree programmes taught in English, are charged tuition fees.

Tuition fee: €8000/ academic year for non-EU/EEA students.

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Further studies

You can continue your studies in a Master's degree programme. In order to be eligible to apply for a Master’s level degree programme in a university you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a university or a UAS Bachelor’s degree. You can apply for a Master's degree programme in a university of applied sciences when you have worked for two years after completing your bachelor's degree. Laurea offers three master’s degree programmes in English and several master’s degree programmes in Finnish.

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