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Theses and projects

Our students complete a variety of theses and projects in cooperation with companies. Learn more and develop the operations of your company together with future talents!


Apply the competence of Laurea’s students in the development of your operations. Workplace projects are carried out in all fields of study offered by Laurea. Cooperation is always based on the partner’s needs. Most of the time, the areas to be developed include various business and organisational processes; design and implementation of sales and marketing; market, marketing and customer surveys; management; leadership; supervisory work, as well as personnel competence development.

The development areas may also include service processes, business plans, safety plans or developing new products and services through service design. Cooperation may consist of one-off projects or more comprehensive packages including several implementations (workshops, projects, theses, placements) and fields of study, which extensively apply the multidisciplinary competence offered by Laurea.

We charge a small administrative fee in the cooperation projects. Please contact us to discuss your cooperation ideas!

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Thesis work

A thesis assignment to a student is a way for you to develop your company’s operations. The theses completed by Laurea’s students are usually development assignments or dissertations ordered by clients. The purpose of thesis work is to generate new knowledge that benefits workplaces by helping solve practical problems or develop new solutions. A good thesis provides immediate value for the client.

Paying a compensation for the thesis work is not required, but a compensation often motivates the students to take on demanding tasks.

The scope of the thesis included in the Bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences is 15 credits, which equals approximately three months of working full-time. Usually the thesis is scheduled towards the end of the studies. Most of the time, students complete their theses individually, but working in pairs or in a group is also possible. The thesis may also be part of a more extensive project which involves several students, student groups, teachers and workplace partners. In the Master’s degree programmes, the scope of the thesis is 30 credits.

You can view the most recent theses in the Theseus online library of the Universities of Applied Sciences.

Does your organisation want to develop operations or gain new knowledge? Please contact us to discuss if your needs could be met with a student thesis!

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