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Digitalisation and information management in society

Digitalisation and information management are becoming increasingly important in society. Almost every sector requires not only traditional solutions but also digital solutions. Digitalisation is not the same as information technology, but in digitalisation, information and information technology are used to change activities or enable something new.

Laurea's strategy has a strong emphasis on digitalisation and its growing importance in working life in the future. Changes in working life requires graduates to have better digital skills. Laurea seeks to respond to this by developing diverse and flexible learning solutions that also take into account the quality of learning and the integration with working life. As students participate in digital education, they will grow into collaborative digital experts in their future working lives.

Laurea's research and development projects involve digitalisation, regardless of the field. At Laurea, diverse and multidisciplinary projects are carried out, which involve experts in various fields and multidisciplinary expertise. We want to be involved in developing digital skills in cooperation with companies, public organisations and third sector operators, and to look for current and significant challenges where digitalisation is firmly considered as a solution.

At Laurea, research and development activities are applied research. A global and increasingly technological society is constantly needing more new types of digital solutions for practical working life. Laurea's Learning by Developing LbD model is ideal for such working life development projects. 

Laurea currently has a large number of projects that are heavily involved in digitalisation and information management. Laurea is interested in extensive cooperation in projects where digitalisation and information management play a significant role in society.


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