Laurea as a co-operation partner

For Laurea, regional development means engaging in interaction and collaboration and actively fostering co-operation both in Finland and abroad.

Laurea is a higher education institution catering to the needs of its region, Uusimaa. For Laurea, regional development means engaging in interaction and collaboration and actively fostering co-operation both in Finland and abroad.

Our strategic aim is to be present where expertise is needed. The vitality of Uusimaa is made up of the joint goals of the stakeholders. Therefore, Laurea participates in the preparation and implementation of regional strategies.

International co-operation

Laurea’s International Advisory Board (IAB) comprises international experts in higher education, whose broad expertise supports the strategic development of Laurea’s operations. The advisory board offers Laurea’s management advice and proposals and supports, in particular, Laurea’s internationalisation and the enhancement of its R&D activities.

All of the nine IAB members are experts in higher education, science and research, who represent universities of high international esteem around the world.

Laurea’s first International Advisory Board began operations in 2009. The present board is the third one.

Learn more about the International Advisory Board and its composition.

Laurea has a network of around 250 international cooperation partners around the world. The network includes higher education institutions, companies and other organisations. Cooperation includes incoming and outgoing student mobility, staff mobility, research and development activities, regional development cooperation and development of education. Laurea also acts as an active partner in many international development projects and cooperation networks. Laurea's international partner institutions for mobility can be viewed in the SoleMove system.

Learn more about Laurea's European Policy Statement for Erasmus Activities »



Laurea in international networks

  • ENoLL 

    The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is an international network of open innovation ecosystems, comprising over 150 active living labs. Laurea has taken part in developing living lab activities, and Director Tuija Hirvikoski from Laurea has acted as the Chair of ENoLL since 2015.

  • EOS 

    The European Organisation for Security (EOS) was established in 2007. Its members represent various players in the security industry from 13 European countries. As the first European higher education institution, Laurea became a member of the EOS network in 2015.

  • ESDC 

    The European Security and Defense College (ESDC). Supported by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Laurea became a member of the ESDC in 2016. ESDC membership offers extensive co-operation and networking opportunities with leading European education institutions in the field of security.

  • FSA 

    The Finnish Service Alliance (FSA) aims to promote Finnish service research and broaden its application in companies and public organisations. Laurea’s experts and alumni have been actively involved in the network’s operations

  • EuroFM 

    The European Facility Management Network (EuroFM) is a European network that links higher education institutions, researchers, companies and associations in the field of facility management. Pekka Matvejeff, Development Manager at Laurea, chairs the network during the two-year term from 2016 to 2018. Laurea has also hosted EuroFM summer schools, most recently in 2016.

  • SDN 

    The Service Design Network (SDN) is an international network of service design professionals. Laurea is one of the founding members of SDN Finland. Laurea’s experts and alumni participate in the network’s activities. SDN Finland comprises nearly 800 individual or organisation members.


Co-operation with the Uusimaa region

Laurea’s regional partners include companies, public organisations and third-sector actors as well as labour and employer organisations. Laurea’s cooperation with 20 municipalities in Uusimaa is backed up by an agreement. In addition, Laurea has established cooperation with most of the region’s key education organisations and a number of other organisations.

Regional advisory boards

In its regional development activities, Laurea is supported by three regional advisory boards consisting of its shareholders’ elected officials and civil servant management as well as experts of business, regional development, innovation and education. The advisory boards support Laurea’s focus on the regions’ needs and regional strategies.

Laurea’s advisory boards focus on the following three regions: Espoo and Lohja, Central and Northern Uusimaa, as well as Porvoo and Vantaa. The advisory boards’ term runs from 2017 to 2020.

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