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International Advisory Board (IAB)

The IAB gives advice and presents proposals and initiatives to Laurea's Board. The members of IAB are international professional in high positions in their field. They represent a total of eight different higher education institutions.

Members of the Laurea International Advisory Board: Kätlin Pulk, Petra Jeffery, Stefan Pickl, Sylvie Chevrier, Meralda Slager

In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Laurea has an International Advisory Board. The Rules of Procedure provide for the International Advisory Board as follows: "The Board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences elects the Chairman and 5-10 members to the International Advisory Board. The Advisory Board’s term is the same as the term of the regional advisory board. The President is in charge of the operations of the International Advisory Board. The International Advisory Board’s duty is to support the strategic development of the Laurea University of Applied Sciences.”

The International Advisory Board is an advisory group that supports Laurea's strategic development by evaluating Laurea's operations and making recommendations. The activities of the International Advisory Board provide Laurea with information and views on changes in the operating environment, trends in higher education activities, and the opportunities that emerge. Its activities focus on issues where the operating environment is global or where trends in different countries are similar. These include research, development and innovation (RDI), education exports and the digitalisation of teaching.

Members of the Laurea International Advisory Board (2021-2025):

Sylvie Chevrier, Université Gustave Eiffel, France, chair

Meralda Slager, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Stefan Pickl, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

Petra Jeffery, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Kätlin Pulk, Estonian Business School, Estonia

Martin Geissdoerfer, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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