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Student Affairs Offices

The Student Affairs Offices serve the students on all Laurea campuses. They provide advice on issues related to study rights, registration procedures, smooth progress of the studies in general and graduation.

The student affairs office helps you in any study-related issues, for example issues related to studying, enrolments, graduation and starting studies after an absence. You can also order official study related certificates and discount ticket applications to transport companies from Student Affairs Office.

Student Affairs Offices common phone number is 09 8868 7000

Student Affairs Offices common e-mail address

NOTICE: With current information all Student Affairs Offices will open during week 33, but we will adapt to possible changes in the corona situation. Please follow Laurea News. 

Contact details and opening hours

  • Hyvinkää Campus 

    Opening hours

    Monday - Friday at 8.00 - 14.00, exept on Wednesday at 10.00 - 14.00

    Hyvinkää´s student office is on holidays on 29th of June - 3th of August 2020.

    Contact details

    Address: Uudenmaankatu 22, 05800 Hyvinkää
    Tel. +358 (0)9 8868 7700

    Student Affairs Offices common phone number 09 8868 7000


  • Leppävaara Campus 

    Opening hours

    Monday to Wednesday 10.00-14.00

    Leppävaara Student Affairs Office is closed on Thursdays and Fridays, but we assist you via phone, email and chat. If needed, you can visit another Laurea Student Affairs Office.

    Contact details

    Address: Vanha maantie 9, 02650 Espoo
    Tel. +358 (0) 9 8868 7400

    Student Affairs Offices common phone number 09 8868 7000

  • Lohja campus 

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday at  9.00 – 14.00

    Contact details

    Address: Vihdinkatu 1, 08100 Lohja
    Tel. +358 (0)9 8868 7800 

    Student Affairs Offices common phone number 09 8868 7000

  • Otaniemi campus 

    Opening hours

    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.00-14.00.

    Contact details

    Address: Metsänpojankuja 3, 02130 Espoo
    Tel: +358 (0)9 8868 7500

    Student Affairs Offices common phone number 09 8868 7000

  • Porvoo campus 

    Opening hours

    Monday   09.00-12.00
    Thursday 12.00-15.00

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you can contact Student Affairs Office by e-mail and telephone.

    Contact details

    Address: Taidetehtaankatu 1, 06100 Porvoo
    Tel: +358 (0)9 8868 7600
    Mobile: +358 (0)400 407755

    Student Affairs Offices common phone number 09 8868 7000
    and e-mail


  • Tikkurila campus 

    Opening hours

    Tuesday - Thursday at 10.00 - 14.00 on campus

    Mondays & Fridays contact us via email, chat or phone 10-15

    NOTICE: Tikkurila Student Affairs Office will be serving on campus from August 6th onwards. On Mondays & Fridays not on campus but serving ONLY online and on phone.

    Remember safety distance while visiting us on campus.


    Contact details

    Address: Ratatie 22, 01300 Vantaa
    Tel. +358 (0)9 8868 7300

    Student Affairs Offices common phone number 09 8868 7000

Transcript of Records and Certificate of Study

Laurea’s students can order official electric transcript of records and certificate of study via Pakki. These documents could be verified using the Atomi Validator service.

Move to verify electronic documents

You can still order a certificate of study or transcript of records on paper from the Student Affairs Office.

Order transcript of records or certificate of registration


Restoring and extending study entitlement

Discretionary extension of study entitlement

If a student is not able to complete his/her studies during the study entitlement period, he/she must apply for a discretionary extension before his/her study entitlement period ends.

The student must present the special reasons he/she uses to justify the application.

It is only possible to apply for an extension of the study entitlement during the application periods: 1.11. – 31.12. and 3.5. – 31.7. 
Enter the application with your Laurea account and password. 

Apply to have study entitlement extension

In accordance with a government decree, a fee of 50 euros is charged for processing the application.

In case you don't have access to online bank service, please contact the Student Affairs Office for cash/card payment. 

It is only possible to grant an extension to a study entitlement if the student’s graduation within the extension period is realistic.

It is generally only possible to apply for an extension once and only up to a year.

An extension is not granted if the student has already completed all the requirements for the degree. 

Decisions on applications are sent to the student’s Laurea email address. Please make sure that your email account is not full. An extension is only granted for a special reason and it is always discretionary. It must be realistic to complete the studies within the extension period.

The study entitlement of students who have not been granted an extension will be declared expired and the student will be registered as resigned.

Application for restoring study entitlement

If your study entitlement has begun 1.8.2015 or after, you are able to apply with the form below. If your study entitlement has begun before 1.8.2015, you should apply via separate applications.

A student who has lost his/her study entitlement may apply for restoration of their study entitlement.

Students obligated to pay yearly tuition fees are considered to have neglected their obligation to register if they have failed to pay the tuition fee for the following academic year. If the Student continuing the studies does not pay the fee or provide a document based on which he or she is exempted from the tuition fee by the given deadline, 31st July, he or she will be registered as resigned. The Student can apply for a re-establishment of study entitlement after he or she has paid the tuition fee (8 000 or 10 000 euros) and the fee for re-establishment of study entitlement (50 euros). The Head of student affairs makes the decision concerning re-establishment of study entitlement. If the decision is negative, the paid tuition fee is reimbursed.

Study entitlement may be restored in cases where the student is able to complete the remaining studies within a reasonable time after the re-establishment.

In accordance with a government decree, a fee of 50 euros will be charged for processing the application.

If your studies are older than ten years, before filling the application, contact Student Affairs Office of your campus.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in with your online bank service access codes.
  2. Fill in the required information (please note that the payment can also be made by another person)
  3. Conduct the payment via Paytrail service (note extra charge 1 € via Osuuspankki and Danske bank). Payment can also be made by another person.
  4. Fill in the application for restoring the study entitlement or discretionary extension of study entitlement. You will receive a link to your email which makes it possible to access the application within 30 days after the payment.

Apply to have your study entitlement restored

Students who are dissatisfied with a decision made about restoring study entitlement or extending their study entitlement, are entitled to make an appeal to Laurea Board of directors within 14 days of receipt of the decision. Appeal can be sent to:

Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Laurea Board of directors
Ratatie 22,
01300 VANTAA

Appeal can be sent to: rehtorintoimisto(at) (use security email) or to Laurea University

Student Affairs Offices, list of prices


Extending/restoring study entitlement

(Fee for processing the application, act 1440/2014 3§)

Application forms for restoration/ discretionary extension of study entitlement

50 €/application

An official copy of the degree certificate (Taken of the original copy of the certificate)

52 €/set

10 € (24 % VAT)/additional copies of the set ordered at the same time

Officially certified copies taken of the original degree documents provided by the student

10 €/set

Ordering an archive copy of the thesis

50 €/application

A new cerificate in case of an incorrect certificate

Certificates without incorrect information will not be re-written

0 €

Transcript of records and certificate of resignation given after resignation/graduation

You can also look your study credits from the My Studyinfo which is the new service of the National Board of Education.

5 €

Individually compiled statements or letters of recommendation (maximum of  five years after the studies have ended)

50 €/copy

Course descriptions on paper/ in gital form (Course description are also available free of charge on Pakki system. Students will primarly get all the information from the electronic system.)

1-10 descriptions 25 €

10-20 descriptions 35 €

Please note that curricula from 2015 onwards are available at


Exam fee for a student of another university:
Exam on a general examination day

See the general examination dates on the schedule for the academic year

20 €

The fee must be paid in advance, bring the receipt with you to the examination.


Exam fee for a student of another university:
Exam outside general examination days

100 €

Group exams outside general examination days (minimum of 10 students)

50 €/student 

Aptitude test of social work competence

500 €

The Certificate of aptitude test of social work competence

20 €

Prices are tax-free (0 % VAT)

The delivery time of copies is approximately five working days from order/payment.

Only certificates and transcripts awarded by Laurea will be certified.

Services for students

Laurea offers various services for all students. The student union (Laureamko) represents Laurea students and organises several activities and events as part of services for students.

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