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Continuing studies after absence

Are you planning to continue your studies after a break? Great! To ensure that your return goes smoothly, we have put together the most important practical matters you should take into account. if you have any questions, you can contact your tutor teacher, Head of Student Aaffairs or the student and wellbeing services.

Regitering as present or absent for academic year 2024-2025 needs to be done latest on 31.7.2024. Enrolment for autumn studies is open in week 21 of May. Thus, the best time to plan the return to your studies after the absence period is the beginning of May or November. We recommend you to contact your your tutor teacher or with the Head of Student Affairs to book a study councelling appointment before enrolment period for autumn or spring term studies. See the schedules for enrolment periods on Laurea’s Schedule for the academic year.

Check your study entitlement

When returning to your studies after a longer break, you should first check the state of your study entitlement.

  • If you have lost your study entitlement you may apply for restoration of the study entitlement. Study entitlement may be restored in cases where the student is able to complete the remaining studies within a reasonable time after the re-establishment. See the instructions for applying for the restoration of the study entitlement on Student Affair’s Office’s website.  
  • If you are beginning your studies after an absence for statutory reasons you will start your studies with a new student group and the instructions for a new student apply to you, as well. Please check the instructions on our website. The student affairs office will add the enrolments to the first semester’s studies, so you do not have to enroll on studies yourself.

All Bachelor and Master degree students in universities of applied sciences (except students in tailor made studies) are entitled to use the services of Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) and are therefore liable to pay a healthcare fee to Kela. The student must pay the fee for Kela twice a year. Kela does not send a bill for the fee, so students must make sure to pay it on their own initiative.

If you are unsure about your study entitlement, you can contact the Student Affairs Office. See the contact details and opening hours here

Check the status of your studies

When you return to your studies, book a PSP discussion with your tutor teacher. When having the discussion it is important to check if changes have been made to the curriculum that would require updating the studies on your PSP. You can find the name of the tutor teacher and Head of Student Affairs responsible for your guidance at Pakki or you can ask for help from the student affairs office.

It is important that you enrol for upcoming studies. See the schedules for enrolment periods on Laurea’s Schedule for the academic year and curricula on Study Guide. If the enrolment period has already ended, contact your tutor teacher or Head of Student Affairs for guidance. 

Activate your user account and log in to Laurea’s systems

  • See the instructions for activating your user account on Service Desk’s website. If you face difficulties or have questions, contact Service Desk.
  • Please note that if you have not begun your studies yet, you can activate your user account a couple of days after you have been registered as present.
  • After activating your user account you will be able to log in to Pakki. You can see your personal study plan (PSP) and the status of your studies on Pakki.
  • Find the links to Laurea’s systems on Student intranet.

Student and wellbeing services are there for you 

In addition to your tutor teacher and Head of Student Affairs, the student and wellbeing services are there for you to make the return to your studies easier. 

  • Popup Guidance (Poikkeamo in Finnish) offers general guidance, support, and information about studying and study wellbeing for degree students. You can book a Teams meeting time with one of our counselors.
  • When you return to your studies, the health and wellbeing services of Laurea and our partners are available to you.
  • You may have questions regarding wellbeing, motivation, or time or financial management. Nyyti offers information and support for students in all stages of their studies.
  • If you have any questions about starting your studies, rules about absence or anything related to studies, you can contact the student affairs office at your campus. If you have lost your study entitlement, see the instructions for restoration of study entitlement.


Student's Affairs Office

You can ask for more information at Student's Affairs Office.

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