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Need an intern or an employee?

We can help you find a skilled and motivated Finnish- or English-speaking student for an intern or employee position. Advertise placement positions or open jobs!

The purpose of placement is for the student to familiarise themselves with the practices of their field in authentic work environments. During the placement period, the student may participate in a variety of development tasks in the partner employer’s organisation. The placement period provides the student with valuable work experience and practical skills, which also benefit the employer. In addition, placements offer the employer potential new hires for the future as well.

Generally, the length of the placement period is 2.5 to 5 months (full-time) or 400 to 800 hours (part-time). In some programmes, the students can take the placement periods in the summer, and a fixed-term employment contract can be signed for the period as if it was a summer job.

Leave information about your vacant internship or job

We will publish your advertisement in the students’ internal online service where students can freely browse the available placements or open jobs. The social services and health care placements are made available through the Jobiili service shared by the universities of applied sciences.