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Are you looking for an intern or employee? Do you have a thesis topic to offer?

Now you can find through us a Laurea student, who studies either in Finnish or English, to complete an internship, to work for a longer period of time or to write a thesis. Let the students know about the internship, job available or thesis topic in recruitment portal JobTeaser!

What is JobTeaser?

JobTeaser is a recruitment portal that offers companies and university students a meeting place. Companies can post their vacancies, both internships and jobs as well as thesis topics in JobTeaser, which students can apply to.

Please note, that internships in the social and health care sector are registered with the Jobiili service.

How does JobTeaser as a recruitment portal work?

Companies can advertise their available jobs and internships or thesis topics to Laurea students free of charge in the portal. Companies have two choices for doing so:

  1. The company can create their own company profile and create a vacancy.
  2. The company can create a vacancy without registering with the service.

Why should a company register and create a profile?

  • Establishing a company profile gives your company a chance to present your company in more detail and you can easily edit company information.
  • Your company profile will be visible to the students at all times even if you do not have any available job postings.
  • Once you have set up a profile, you can let the students know about any work-related events, such as webinars or your own recruitment events, in an easy manner.
  • Once you have registered and set up a company profile, you can update the vacancies you have posted. If the open position is filled up before the application period ends, you can remove the ad yourself. (The ad will automatically be removed once the application period is over.)
  • Any vacancies you announce will be registered in your company profile, so that you can use the information later on when creating a new ad.
  • Please note that in case you decide to create a company profile, extra care should be taken to fill in all the required sections. This is very important as a well-made company profile will have students get acquainted with your company and apply for your vacancies.

Instructions how to create a company profile (pdf)

Once your company has made a job or internship available, it will be approved by Laurea. We will take the time to review the information in the ad before it is published in the JobTeaser recruitment portal.

Create a company profile and leave an internship or job vacancy

Leave an internship or job vacancy or a thesis topic without registering with the service

Please note, that internships in the social and health care sector are registered with the Jobiili service.

The purpose of placement is for the student to familiarise themselves with the practices of their field in authentic work environments. During the placement period, the student may participate in a variety of development tasks in the partner employer’s organisation. The placement period provides the student with valuable work experience and practical skills, which also benefit the employer. In addition, placements offer the employer potential new hires for the future as well.

Generally, the length of the placement period is 2.5 to 5 months (full-time) or 400 to 800 hours (part-time). In some programmes, the students can take the placement periods in the summer, and a fixed-term employment contract can be signed for the period as if it was a summer job.

JobTeaser - Find the next expert from the student network

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