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The theme of entrepreneurship intersects research programmes, offering solutions for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activities, and business development for companies.

The working life is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. Both individuals and companies are facing new challenges amid various crises, rising prices, technological advancements, the green transition, labor shortages, and changes in the operating environment.

Manifestations of this change include various short-term and project-based jobs, which are often facilitated through the platform economy. Self-employment has become commonplace worldwide, with many no longer seeking long-term employment or only doing one job at a time. It is expected that this phenomenon will intensify in the future. It has been predicted that by the 2030s, 60 percent of the Finnish workforce will be entrepreneurs or freelancers. To thrive, each of us should understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, at the very least, be able to price and commercialize our skills - all while acting as our own leaders, not forgetting well-being and resilience at work.

We want to be part of developing the working life towards greater sustainability.

If you would like to work with us on entrepreneurship, please contact us!

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Laurea Entrepreneurship Society

Laurea Entrepreneurship Society is a student organization that inspires and helps people to think like an entrepreneur.

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