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R&D services for companies

Laurea creates solutions based on researched knowledge with practical research and development work. Our mission is applied research, development and innovation that promotes working life and regional development and renews the economic structure of the region.

The ability to utilize external RDI funding and prepare competitive projects is of paramount importance in this regional development task. We are familiar with the versatile funding opportunities for R&D cooperation. We have strong expertise in the integration of EU funding. We are a pioneer in utilizing EU Commission funding in RDI projects. 
We offer a wide range of research expertise in three sectors: Coherent security, Sustainable and versatile social and health care, and Service business and Circular economy.  

Laurea's security research programme is based on the interconnectedness of internal and external security in an ever-changing national and international security environment. Laurea is an experienced and respected research partner in security-related projects.  

The content in the field of social and health care strongly reflects Laurea's broad expertise in the field of social and health care and its important role as a major educator in the field of health and social care. 

Our strengths in the service business and circular economy research programme include the development of business skills, ecosystems and collaboration, digital services and sustainability together with different stakeholders in both domestic and international projects.  

Laurea has a total of 118 EU projects, of which 40 are international. Our external R&D funding is a total of 8,3 million (2023).  

 Laurea's R&D service team supports the entire organization in the preparation and implementation of research, development and innovation projects. The research service managers and grant writers of the R&D service team look for funding programs suitable for project ideas and guide the orientation of the idea to the funding priorities. 

From us you can get support for planning the financing of the development project. 

Laurea is a reliable and long-term partner for your organization. Contact us, and together we can create impressive and innovative projects that promote the development of the region and strengthen the position of your organization.  

Versatile cooperation opportunities for companies  

We offer versatile opportunities for companies to participate in Laurea's R&D cooperation in different ways.  

  • You can join already ongoing projects where you can be part of innovative development work.  
  • We cooperate closely with companies in the preparation of R&D projects. We offer the opportunity to get involved in externally funded projects and benefit from Laurea's project expertise.
  • In addition, we offer companies the opportunity to subcontract R&D work from us using tax deductions.  

We are happy to hear the development needs of companies and tell you more about our services.   

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