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Laurea as a higher education institution

At Laurea, we believe in interaction and encounters between people; the ability to meet another person is our most valuable capital. Service management is based on understanding people, marketing and sales on understanding customers, nursing and social work on understanding clients, and safety on understanding people and users.

Laurea is a higher education institution that operates on six campuses in the Uusimaa region. People and interaction are at the core of our operations.

At Laurea, studies, RDI activities and regional development are carried out in cooperation with different participants, including a variety of social actors, sectors and international partners. Cooperation is based on equality, with everyone being able to produce new knowledge and understanding.

People and interaction are at the core of Laurea’s operations. Laurea’s brand promise, “Together we are stronger”, describes our collective operations.

Learning and practical work go hand in hand at Laurea. Real-world assignments, such as projects and development work, are a key element in all our fields of study. During their studies, Laurea’s students get numerous opportunities to build their future jointly with potential employers.

Thanks to the close study-time cooperation with employers, the employment rate of our students is excellent. Of Laurea’s graduates, 93.7% find employment within a year of graduation (Finnish National Agency for Education, 2015).

Our practical approach to studies and real-life study projects ensure that our students get networking opportunities and can accumulate work experience.

Service promise: “We are here for you at Laurea”

Our service promise, “We are here for you at Laurea", is an assurance of a good learning environment for our students and of partnership and joint development for our partners.

1. At Laurea, you can study flexibly

At Laurea, you will make a personal study plan that supports your goals. You will study in genuine working life projects. You can also plan your own schedule of studies and speed up graduation thanks to our flexible study offer.

2. At Laurea, you get guidance and feedback

We support your personal individual development and the progress of your studies using various guidance measures. As teachers and tutors, we are committed to giving you feedback on your development on a regular basis.

3. At Laurea, you build your future with us – together with employers

We are committed to acting in cooperation with you and employers in accordance with the Learning by Developing (LbD) action model. You also have the opportunity to complete all your studies through real-life development projects.

4. At Laurea, you get high-quality services that support your studies

Our services ensure a smooth progress in your daily studies. We provide you with guidance and counselling in all matters related to your studies.

Learning by Developing (LbD)

At Laurea, learning is based on real-life work projects and development assignments. We build learning around a research- and development-oriented approach, which we call Learning by Developing (LbD).

Infographic of Laurea's Learning by developing model (LbD). The model will also be explained in the text.

At Laurea, students learn through research and investigation, reflection and joint development, carried out together with teachers and employers. By participating in development projects you can build your knowledge base, practise your skills, develop creative problem-solving methods and acquire the competence required in your profession. Active interaction with business and employers will help you establish valuable connections early on during your studies.

The LbD model is incorporated into all of our study methods. The model hinges on the idea that in addition to examining theoretical problems, students continuously seek solutions to real problems and situations arising at work. At Laurea, you get to work for real.

Quality management at Laurea

‚ÄčThe Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) conducted an audit of Laurea UAS in 2016 has awarded Laurea a quality label that is valid for six years from August 2016. The quality system of Laurea fulfills the criteria for the quality management of higher education institutions and corresponds to the European principles and recommendations.We are preparing for an international audit, that is going to be implemented in Spring 2022. 

FINEEC audited stamp.

Quality management is the foundation of Laurea's operations and a tool for continuous improvement. As different monitoring and development measures, it is linked to all operations of Laurea UAS and therefore a part of the management, strategic work and internal performance management of the organisation.

Laurea has engaged in persistent and goal-oriented development work.
In 2014, Laurea received the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (CeQuint).

Laurea has also been selected as a quality unit in the next FINHEEC quality unit evaluations, which is an indication of the quality culture at Laurea.

  • Quality unit education evaluation 2010 - 2012
  • Quality unit education evaluation 2008 - 2009
  • Regional development impact centre of excellence evaluation 2006 - 2007
  • Quality unit education evaluation 2004 - 2005
  • Regional development impact centre of excellence evaluation 2003 - 2004