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Service Promise

Our service promise, "We at Laurea are here just for you," signifies a commitment to our students for a quality learning experience and to our partners for collaboration and joint development.

Laurea's service promise was developed in collaboration with staff, students, and alumni back in 2013-2014 when we delved into the improvement of our operations together with them.

Our service promise, "We are here just for you," embodies and concretizes how we want our university's activities to be perceived by students.

Our service promise consists of four distinct parts:

  1. At Laurea, you can study flexibly: At Laurea, you will make a personal study plan that supports your goals. You will study in genuine working life projects. You can also plan your own schedule of studies and speed up graduation thanks to our flexible study offer.
  2. At Laurea, you get guidance and feedback: We support your personal individual development and the progress of your studies using various guidance measures. As teachers and tutors, we are committed to giving you feedback on your development on a regular basis.
  3. At Laurea, you build your future with us – together with employers We are committed to acting in cooperation with you and employers in accordance with the Learning by Developing (LbD) action model. You also have the opportunity to complete all your studies through real-life development projects.
  4. At Laurea, you get high-quality services that support your studies Our services ensure a smooth progress in your daily studies. We provide you with guidance and counselling in all matters related to your studies.

At Laurea, the fulfillment of the service promise is regularly monitored by conducting an annual survey among students enrolled in degree programs.