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Strategy 2030

The strategic intent of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is to be an international developer of working life competence and vitality in the Uusimaa region in 2030.

Laurea Strategy 2030 has been published in the autumn 2019. This strategic plan describes the critical needs for change identified in Laurea's strategy process as well as the strategic choices required to meet these needs and to archieve our strategic intent.

Critical needs for change at Laurea

Laurea identified the following critical needs for change required to archieve the strategic intent of being international developer of working life competence and vitality in the Uusimaa region in 2030:

  1. Promoting a competence-based approach, the quality of learning and the effectiveness of studies in degree-awarding education
  2. Increasing education other than degree-awarding education in order to address the challenge of continuous learning in society
  3. Expanding the range of high-quality open digital studies and access to them
  4. Expanding and deepening the strategic regional, national and international partner network
  5. Increasing the impact of R&D activities and boosting competitive funding

Laurea's strategic choices

To achieve our strategic intent we have made the following strategic choices that address the critical needs for change identified during the strategy process:

  1. Redeeming the service promise made to students
  2. Building impact through the integration of teaching and RDI activities – by gathering vertical research data in degree-awarding education and by applying it in RDI activities
  3. Strengthening the Learning by Developing (LbD) concept as a pedagogic action model and applying it effectively also in digital learning environments
  4. Applying service design methods and co-creation in all operations
  5. Systematic development of personnel competence as part of the quality system

Laurea's values

Openness, effectiveness and responsibility are the values that guide Laurea’s operations and work.

Openness means transparent operations.  Competence, knowledge and materials are distributed openly within the Laurea community. Openness thus creates mutual trust, which is the prerequisite for successful co-creation and operations.

Effectiveness guides all activities at Laurea. Laurea’s social impact encompasses the development of workplace competence and dynamism in the Uusimaa region.

Responsibility means collaborating and taking responsibility for the results of our work. Laurea promotes economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development in all its operations. Laurea creates new solutions for sustainable development through its teaching and R&D activities.

Laurea's areas of expertise

All of Laurea’s operations – education, RDI activities, regional development and business operations – are linked by solid areas of expertise, where Laurea strives to be a well-known, international reformer of workplace competence and developer of solutions.

Laurea's areas of expertise are:

  • Renewing social services and health care sector
  • Digitalising and technologizing society
  • Responsible service business
  • Comprehensive security

Laurea’s particular strength lies in the ingenious combination of different areas of expertise, which can nimbly provide answers to competence and development needs arising from the operating environment. Interaction and personal attention are at the core of each of Laurea’s areas of expertise.

Areas of expertise.jpg

Laurea's areas of expertise.

Strategic themes guiding Laurea's choices

Laurea’s choices are guided by seven strategic themes, which specify the goals of our diverse activities leading to the achievement of our strategic intent.

1. A student-centric UAS. A student-centric approach essentially means that the students’ individual goals and competence as well as their work and educational background are taken into account when planning and carrying out their study paths.

We always work according to a customer logic, not a production logic.

2. A UAS integrated with workplaces. Workplace learning environments and networks offer versatile experiences, inspire creativity and curiosity, and encourage research and development. The professional competence generated through the Learning by Developing (LbD) model is of a unique nature and offers a good match with the changing needs of workplaces. 

We always work with the industry, never apart from it.

3. A digital UAS that reforms professional learning. The changing work environment calls for increasingly open, diverse and flexible learning solutions. Laurea answers this need by developing high-quality digital degrees and degree components.

When developing digital learning solutions, we always observe the quality of learning and the integration with employers.

4. A UAS that develops competence through applied research. Taking advantage of its solid, multidisciplinary competence, Laurea uses its applied research to renew the substance of teaching and the competence generated within the institution, solve social problems, create new solutions and build new business.

We focus on applied and participatory research in Laurea’s areas of expertise.

5. An international UAS that develops the region. Laurea boosts workplace competence and dynamism in the Uusimaa region, taking a regional, national and international approach. Regional development means consistent interaction in the region, collaboration and active development of cooperation.

We always observe the needs of the metropolitan area, regional towns and neighbouring municipalities in the Uusimaa region.

6. A UAS of sustainable development. Through its activities, Laurea promotes economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development on both a regional and a national level. Laurea incorporates sustainable development themes in all its curricula and promotes their execution in society through its research, development and innovation activities. Get to know more about our aims for integrating sustainable development into our actions

We always promote sustainable development for the benefit of all.

7. A community-oriented UAS. We believe in co-creation and collaboration. We also respect democracy in higher education and want everyone to have their voice heard in our community.

We are always committed to cooperative development and operations.


Laurea Strategy 2030 (Pdf)

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