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Processing of data at Laurea

Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly associated with a person on the basis of various identifying information, such as name, personal identity number, location information or some characteristic factor. Laurea University of Applied Sciences processes the personal data of students, staff or stakeholders. In addition, Laurea conducts plenty of research projects that involve the processing of personal data. There must be a basis for processing the data of each person group. For example, we have the right to process student data in order to carry out tasks as defined in Unversities of Applied Sciences Act.

Data protection means the protection of personal data against unauthorized processing. Laurea is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals when their personal data is processed. The processing of Laurea’s personal data is complied the privacy statements of Laurea’s key personal data groups.



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We utilize Google remarketing cookies. This allows us to display targeted banner ads to website visitors when they browse other sites. Targeted marketing done utilizing cookies does not identify the visitor and does not associate the information with any personal information we might potentially receive from the visitor in any other context.

Google remarketing cookies allow us to manage our settings so that the visitor isn’t flooded with too many advertisements. Transfer of so-called “cookies” to visitor’s computer may happen from time to time.

From time to time, the so-called cookies can be used to collect information about for example from what web page did you arrive to our site, which our sites do you browse and when, what browser do you use, the resolution and operating system of your computer, and the IP address of your computer, i.e., from which Internet address do you send the information and where is it received.  With the help of cookie data, the number of visitors can be monitored by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and its partners and analyzed and developed to better serve visitors.

In addition, Laurea University of Applied Sciences partners may use cookies to target advertising, which collects information about a visitor's visits to this and other sites. The visitor can choose to block the use of cookies by changing browser settings so that the browser prevents storage of cookies.

The visitor accepts that for some services, blocking the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the service.


If you notice any material infringing copyright, please contact us by email at or by mail at:

Ratatie 22
01300 Vantaa

Please include in the message:

  • Your contact information
  • Identification of the material you want to prevent access to and its location
  • Assurance that the material to which the claim relates to is unlawfully available on the communications network
  • Assurance that you are the copyright or related rights holder or are entitled to act on behalf of the right holder

Laurea University of Applied Sciences has copyright to the images and texts presented on these sites. The texts on the website may be used in appropriate contexts, provided that the source is clearly indicated. Laurea reserves the right to the use images and graphics and you may not use them in external sources without permission. In matters related to copyright, you can contact

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