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Laurea engages in applied research, development, and innovation (RDI) with the aim of generating new researched knowledge and practices to advance sustainable development goals.

In RDI activities, our focus is on ensuring that research programs and cross-cutting themes align with sustainable development guidelines and objectives relevant to Laurea's areas of expertise. Based on these, we assess, among other things, the project portfolio.

At the core of Laurea's RDI work are citizens and societal phenomena. We employ a multidisciplinary approach by combining various disciplines and methodologies. Additionally, we use co-creation to quickly test solutions and create competitive advantages.

We collaborate closely with other stakeholders in the Uusimaa region, including businesses, cities, the third sector, and international entities. Our goal is to develop better services based on future needs and our strong expertise in the social and health sector, service business, circular economy, and the security sector.

Laurea´s Research Programmes

Laurea's three research programs—Sustainable and Diverse Social and Health Sector, Service Business and Circular Economy, and Unified Security—constitute an integral part of Laurea's educational programs.

  • The sustainable and versatile social and health care research programme focuses on the development and research of health, well-being, and functional capacity. The goal is to strengthen societal participation, considering ethical aspects, interdisciplinary collaboration, sustainable development, and future needs in social and health services.
  • The service business and circular economy research programme provides a platform for research, co-creation, and implementation in areas such as business ecosystems aligned with circular economy principles, service innovations, and solutions promoting sustainable development.
  • The coherent security research programme focuses on the security of our internationalizing and digitizing society. The program emphasizes foreseeing, ensuring continuity, strategic management, and security leadership.

Currently, Laurea has approximately a hundred externally funded RDI projects that contribute to developing solutions for regional and global challenges.

Henna Kemppainen - Information regarding RDI-project funding

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Research Projects

Research projects

We have currently around 80 R&D-projects ongoing in the fields of pedagogics, service design and business models, coherent security, health, wellbeing and social integrity and also in entrepreneurship.

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