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Laurea is seeking solutions for the challenges of the changing society together with the very people who are affected by these changes.  We have the ability to combine different disciplines and operating methods, implement fast pilots to find solutions and to generate and advance competitive advantages.

Integrating different competences and perspectives is part of our core competence and recognised as one of the most effective ways to innovate.
The outcome is better functioning companies and improved services, which meet genuine needs in both our nearby areas and internationally. Laurea currently has approximately 80 externally funded RDI projects underway, and through them, Laurea is developing solutions to both regional and global challenges.

Research programmes

Laurea focuses on practical research and development work in selected strategic areas, which are based on future needs and strong expertise in the fields of social services and health care, service business and security, to provide solutions built on tested data. We deploy these solutions for broad application through a number of methods. In publications, we link the results to the discussion conducted in the research community and the daily operations of our partners. Our degree programmes integrate the latest information with teaching and engage students in multidisciplinary development projects based on the working life.

In strategic research areas, we aim to improve the effectiveness of Laurea’s profiling areas and to strengthen multi-disciplinary research and development activities beyond organisational borders in order to create broader competence clusters.

The strategic research areas help guide the strategic emphasis and inputs of the research and development activities. In addition, the visibility of research and development activities carried out at the higher education institution will increase.

Globalisation, digitalisation, aging of the population and the pressure on the public economy are shaking the foundations of the Finnish welfare society and the stability of Europe. We seek positive solutions to these phenomena. During the 2015–2020 strategy period Laurea seeks to address the changes in society introduced by the post-industrial era: robotisation, digital world and artificial intelligence and the related ethical issues; changes in the working life and social services and health care sector as well as safety and security matters. Practical research work is carried out within the five research programmes included in the research areas.

Henna Kemppainen - Information regarding RDI-project funding

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Research Projects

Research projects

We have currently around 80 R&D-projects ongoing in the fields of pedagogics, service design and business models, coherent security, health, wellbeing and social integrity and also in entrepreneurship.

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