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Learning by Developing LbD

Laurea's pedagogical model is called Learning by Developing (LbD). It is very effective in giving students necessary skills for the working life.

Pedagogical guidelines

At Laurea, all pedagogical choices are guided by Laurea's pedagogical guidelines: student and learning-centredness, competence-based approach, working life relevance, guidance and flexibility. 

Pedagogical guidelines

Pedagogical programme 2023-2025

The pedagogical programme describes and defines Laurea's approach to learning, teaching, guidance, competence development, the role of knowledge and partners, and our collaborative way of working.  Laurea-level policies guide all pedagogical activities. Degree programme level guidelines apply to all programmes but are enabling different choices for their implementation. Implementation-level descriptions guide pedagogical decisions in everyday teaching. At the student level, we describe student agency and articulate the support provided for learning and competence development, as well as expectations for students.

Laurea's pedagogical programme contributes to the promotion of accessibility and equality in studying and teaching. At the same time, it supports Laurea’s other strategic goals, which are implemented in accordance with Laurea's values in an open, effective and responsible manner.

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Learning and Developing LbD

Development-based learning is present in all our study approaches. Laurea's degree programmes offer three distinct forms of implementation:  day time studies, blended learning, and online studies. Each approach applies Laurea's Learning by Developing (LbD) pedagogy in an adapted manner.

The LbD model always begins with a genuine development task related to working life or Laurea's research, development, and innovation projects. Guidance plays a central role in the LbD model, as lecturers systematically guide and provide developmental feedback to support students' professional growth.

Learning by Developing equips students with the future skills required in the workforce. It demands active participation, commitment, and the construction and sharing of expertise within teams. The close collaboration with the working life helps students and lecturers establish networks with various partners.

The cornerstone of our pedagogical approach is that students don't just analyze theoretical problems but continuously seek solutions to real-life situations emerging in the workplace. At Laurea, students have the opportunity to genuinely contribute to development and personal growth.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the working life, our graduates have excellent employment prospects. According to the Finnish National Agency for Education (2019), 96.4% of Laurea graduates find employment within one year of graduation.

Key aspects of Learning by Developing (LbD) include:

  • Learning through research, reflection, and development in collaboration with teachers, students, and professionals from the working life.
  • Building a knowledge base through academic studies.
  • Practicing skills in real-life contexts.
  • Developing creative problem-solving approaches.
  • Acquiring the necessary expertise in their field by participating in a diverse range of development projects.
  • Establishing professional connections during their studies, as active interaction with the working life is integral to our education.
  • Engaging in self-directed learning, including online courses and automated learning.

Throughout their studies, students gain the confidence to tackle challenges and act autonomously. They acquire the ability to integrate theory and practice, develop problem-solving skills, and engage in critical thinking and reflection. Through purposeful and guided work, they learn to manage complex tasks and project work, with a focus on investigative and developmental approaches to learning.

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More information:

  • Pauliina Nurkka
  • Director
  • Tel (09) 8868 7885
  • Pauliina is responsible for the management of guidance, student well-being and career services, as well as pedagogical development.