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Student projects with Coor: “Students challenge you to looks at things from different angles"

Laurea and real estate service management company Coor have cooperated on student projects.


Laurea and its key partner, real estate service management company Coor, have already cooperated on student projects and, in the spring of 2020, the cooperation continued in the form of two different projects.

The first project was related to Laurea’s joint Service Design study unit for different disciplines, in which the students came up with new service option ideas for Coor. On the second project, a five-person student team conducted a survey on the customer experience with B2B sales.

The commissioner in both projects was Service Manager Vilhelmina Bouchet of Coor. She and her team are responsible for customer relationships in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Kotka, and work on development projects that also involve cooperation with Laurea.

On the project linked to the Service Design study unit, the aim was to get new ideas from students on the services offered in Coor Business Parks:

- Business Parks are multi-user properties in which we offer the tenants, for example, lobby and cleaning services, Bouchet explains.
On the project, we wanted to get new ideas from the students on what ways we could better serve our tenants.

Responsibility was a specific objective set for the students' ideas. The students also came up with some really new, outside-the-box ideas,” says Bouchet:

- The students had developed ideas for entirely new services, but also offered some good suggestions for developing existing services. For example, the students gave us good perspectives on the service app that we we’re already using, she explains.

- Both of the projects in the spring were successful - the cooperation has been seamless, the students have been enthusiastic, asking us really good questions, which challenged us to look at things from a different angle,” says Bouchet.

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