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Popup Guidance

Popup Guidance offers help for different kind of general situation related to studying and student wellbeing for all Laurea degree, path and exchange students.

Popup Guidance (in Finnish Poikkeamo) offers offers information, advice, support, and guidance on general study and student well-being-related questions to degree, path and exchange students. You can turn to us especially when your issue is not particularly specific to your field of study. You can book a Teams meeting for a discussion via this link. Please use your Laurea e-mail address when you book a meating.

You have the support of a designated teacher tutor and Head of Student Affairs who are primarily responsible for guiding your studies. In the Popup Guidance, we focus on initial and light guidance to ensure that you find the information and assistance you need and that you can handle matters related to your studies even when your teacher tutor is temporarily unavailable. In a Teams meeting, it is easy to view instructions and systems together using screen sharing.

Come and meet us with a low threshold with the issue that is on your mind at that time. Your questions may concern, for example, studies, time management, Pakki, or learning difficulties when booking an appointment with a Special Education Teacher. Regarding student wellbeing matters, we focus on fundamental questions related to the study ability. We do not possess expertise in the field of healthcare, so for mental health issues, we will refer you to the appropriate resources if necessary.

We do not maintain a customer register of the discussions held during the meetings, but we record general topics of conversation for the purpose of improving our operations.

In addition we organise different kinds of workshops and info sessions to support studying and wellbeing as well as peer support groups.

For further information visit student intranet.

Picture of Popup Guidance staff members

Photo of Popup Guidance staff members taken in autumn 2022.