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Projects opening doors to working life — Konecranes

Back in my day, I studied at Laurea and wrote my thesis for Konecranes. Currently, I work as HR Director at Konecranes Finland Oy, and my tasks include managing the HR organisation and working in the role of Business HR.

Jenni Talja

I learned about the student projects when the Laurea University of Applied Sciences contacted me directly. I have always been interested in cooperating with educational institutions, so working together with Laurea sounded good and very interesting. I think it is excellent that we are able to offer students thesis and placement opportunities. It is important for students to make contacts with the working life already during their studies.

Up until now, our HR department has carried out two projects with Laurea. One was related to preparing a Well-being at Work manual for Konecranes’ operations in Finland, and the other one involved defining competences in project production. We intend to continue cooperation in the future as well. The next project with Laurea will be launched in HR in the autumn.

Working with the project team has been straightforward and pleasant, thanks to the relaxed atmosphere. The project created plenty of added value, since we received new, fresh ideas and information and, of course, the finished deliverable at the end of the project. The projects have even generated placement opportunities and summer jobs.

I work as a training coordinator and my tasks include the coordination of training and the 1KC projects. While working, I studied to become a vocational teacher. Observing others teach was part of my studies, and I aimed to find different kinds of methods to teach business management. The P2P study model of Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus was one of the methods I familiarised myself with. I was very impressed by the teaching method and suggested to my employer that we participate in project work with the students.

Our projects were market surveys related to our maintenance business and implementations focusing on marketing methods. I have fond memories of many kinds of fun encounters the students and I had at trade fairs. 

Cooperation with the project team has been smooth. Whatever we agreed together, we also implemented with an open mind. The project team has been of assistance in increasing the recognition of certain service products. We have made further plans and changes to the existing marketing and communications based on the project work. The projects have even generated sales deals. Business operations are in a constant state of flux, and new projects will certainly be carried out. Projects have created placement opportunities and summer jobs. Currently, we have three interns from Laurea in our maintenance operations. 

Konecranes’ HR Director Jenni Talja and Konecranes’ training coordinator Oili Hallamaa were interviewed by Oskar Laukkanen

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