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As a path student, you will mostly study together with degree students in the same groups. Studies can be daytime, blended learning or online studies. Path studies will mostly consist of first year studies. You are assigned a personal teacher tutor and you will receive the same guidance and counselling as degree students. Students studying at an open university of applied sciences are treated equally to degree students.

The fee for path studies is the Open UAS year payment (400€). The fee should be paid when accepting the study place. The fee of 400 euros will not be returned at any parts, because the fee entitles you to study for one year. Even if you don't use your right, you can't get any parts of the fee back.

After completing path studies (60 ECTS), you are eligible to apply to become a degree student through a separate application based on Open UAS studies.

As a path student, you are not eligible for Kelas financial aid for students (study grant). For other forms of financial aid, please contact your local TE services.

Prior higher education studies can be included in the degree after you have become a degree student. In path studies the work placement for Health Care and Social Services is replaced with other studies, because you can't do work placement in open UAS studies.

Study skills

Make sure that you have required study skills (e.g. language skills, academic writing skills, teamwork skills) for managing the studies in university of applies sciences and proceeding in studies together with the student group.  

The required language skills in degree programme in Nursing are basic Finnish skills in level B1 and English skills in level B2.  You can evaluate your language skills with Dialang language test.

Bachelor's degree path studies in Spring 2021

NOTE! There might be changes to the study places so follow the updates on these sites!

Degree programme



Study Places

Group code






See also Finnish taught programmes.

Ways to study and campuses

Path studies can be daytime, blended learning or online studies. Studies will vary depending e.g. on the amount of contact lessons. Notice that one credit requires 27 hour of work in all study forms. More information about studying in Laurea, please visit How to study-site.

Path studies can be offered in six campuses and the main campus of the certain degree programme is mentioned in the degree programme's information. Prepare to participate in the teaching in the campus where the degree programme is implemented. Read more about campuses

Study schedules

Study schedules are the same for path and degree students.

Spring 2021 schedules will be published 13th of November 2020 and after this you can view your study schedule through Timetable Engine.

  1.  Go to Timetable Engine
  2. Select English in the top right corner
  3. Choose “Group search” for search criteria and write your study group code in to the search field (see your group code from the list above e.g.SNV221KN)
  4. Click Add-button in the end of search result row and select January in the calendar view. You can view schedules monthly, weekly or daily.
  5. Clicking the reservation in the calendar you will see more information about the study implementation.

NOTE! Please notice that changes to published schedules are possible.

Enroling for Bachelor's Degree path studies

The enrolment for bachelor’s degree path studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences is twice a year. In August is the enrolment for studies beginning in autumn semester and in December is the enrolment for studies beginning in spring semester.

Student selection for the path studies beginning in spring 2021 will be made based on the order of the enrollment and taking the selection interview answers into account.

Before enroling familiarize study schedules, ways to study and campus of the path studies.

Path studies selection schedule

  • Enrolment for path studies from 30th of November to 1st of December
  • Invitation to video interview will be send 3rd of December at the latest
  • Sending the video anwers through the video platform until 6th of December
  • Notification of the path study place until 14th of December
  • Acceptance of the path study place until 15th of December

Enrolment instructions

Enrolment for the English taught path studies starting in January 2021 begins 30th of November 2020 at 8.00 am and ends 1st of December at 11.59 pm.

Enrol for path studies

You can enrol only for one degree programme as a path student.

You will see the enrolment situation from the enrolment form. After choosing the path study place from the enrolment form, the place is reserved for you 20 minutes. If you get the enrolment form open, you can write your information at your own pace. You will get pdf-confirmation about your enrolment in your e-mail. After the enrolment, you will receive a separate invitation to a video interview.

The most popular path study places will be filled immediatly after the enrolment starts. If the path study places are full you can add yourself to the waiting list by giving your name, e-mail and phone number. The enrolment system will show your placing in the waiting list but you will not get separate confirmation about it. If path study places will be freed, you will get notification in your e-mail.

Places from the waiting list can be freed in the first morning of the enrolment period, so follow closely your e-mail and also the junk mail folder! You have 24 hours to react to the message and fill the enrolment form. If you don't react on time, path study place will be offered to next one in line and you lose your chances to path study place.

Copies of certifications or average grade of previous studies are not needed in the enrolment form.

Selection interview

In December 2020 the selection interview will be implemented as a video interview. Link to the video interview platform and detailed instructions will be send after the enrolment period. Video answers have to be sent through the video platform until 6th of December 11.59 PM.

Based on the order of enrolments we will invite one and half times the amount of people the interview as there are the path study places.

The interview will focus on your study motivation and commitment for the path study year, readiness for studies and applicable to the field. Final student selection will be made based on the order of the enrolment taking the video interview answers into account.

Acceptance of the study place

You will be notified of your study place on Monday 14th of December at the latest. If you have been chosen to the path studies, you will be offered a study place and it should be accepted immediately. Follow closely your e-mail and also the junk mail or commercial etc. folders!

The fee for path studies, 400 euros, must be paid in full at the same time you accept the study place either in online bank or by credit card.

The fee will not be returned at any parts after you have accepted the study place. Only if you get a study place in degree programme in Laurea, you will get the refund. Degree or path studies in another UAS doesn't entitle for a refund because you can be a open UAS student in Laurea at the same time.

If you are planning to study with unemployment benefit, find out the possibilities before accepting the study place. TE services negative decision for the benefit doesn't entitle for a refund of the fee for path studies. NOTICE! Required certifications for the TE services are filled only when the path studies has begun.

After you have accepted the study place and paid the fee (400 euros), you will get instructions how to start your studies on Friday 18th of December at the latest.


Separate application process based on Open UAS studies

A person who has earned 60 credits in an open university of applied sciences may apply to become a degree student through a separate application process. Studies completed in any university of applied sciences are eligible, but they must be open UAS studies and part of the degree programme that the person is applying for (e.g. Bachelor's Degree in Health Care). Note that only completed study units and grades recorded to register are acceptable. 

For more information, see S‚Äčeparate applications for full-time degree programmes page.