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Information about Path Studies

  • Open for everybody without any previous education or age requirements
  • Mainly first year degree studies
  • 60 credit entity
  • Study fee is 400 euros
  • Full time studies (one credit requires 27 hour of work)
  • Path studies are mainly together with degree students in the same groups
  • Path studies can be daytime, blended learning or online studies
  • Path studies are not eligible for Kelas financial aid for students (study grant)
  • Path studies are Open UAS studies that don't give an eligibility to apply for a residence permit in Finland

Study skills

Make sure that you have required study skills (e.g. language skills, academic writing skills, teamwork skills) for managing the studies in university of applies sciences and proceeding in studies together with the student group.  

The required language skills in degree programmes taught in English should be at least at an upper-intermediate level (spoken and written English). This corresponds to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or an IELTS score of at least 6.0, or a TOEFL iBT score of at least 70.

NOTICE! Degree programme in Nursing you are also required to have Finnish language skills (level B1 or better).

Descriptions of the language levels: Common European Framework of reference for languages

You can evaluate your language skills with Dialang language test.

Health recommendations

If you are applying to study in Laurea Nursing or Laurea Social Services you must have a sufficient good health status and functional capacity so that you are capable of completing practical assignments and work placement periods as part of the studies. Note that work placement is not possible during path studies, but after you have become a degree student. You can read more about the health requirements at the required certificates page under the title Health Cer­tifi­cates (for Nursing and Social Services only). Other part of that page does not concern path studies applicants.

Study fee

The fee for path studies is the Open UAS year payment (400€). The fee should be paid when accepting the study place.

The fee will not be returned at any parts after you have accepted the study place. Only if you get a study place in degree programme in Laurea, you will get the refund. Degree or path studies in another UAS doesn't entitle for a refund because you can be a open UAS student in Laurea at the same time.

If you are planning to study with unemployment benefit, find out the possibilities before accepting the study place. TE services negative decision for the benefit doesn't entitle for a refund of the fee for path studies. NOTICE! Required certifications for the TE services are filled only when the path studies has begun. 

Benefits and services

You are assigned a personal teacher tutor and you will receive the same guidance and counselling as degree students.

Students studying at an open university of applied sciences are treated equally to degree students.

Prior higher education studies can be included in the degree after you have become a degree student. In path studies the work placement for Health Care and Social Services is replaced with other studies, because you can't do work placement in open UAS studies.

As a path student, you are not eligible for Kelas financial aid for students (study grant). For other forms of financial aid, please contact your local TE services.


The enrolment for bachelor’s degree path studies in English at the Open University of Applied Sciences is once a year. In July-August is the enrolment for studies beginning in autumn semester. 

Enrolment for path studies in English beginning in autumn 2022 is in July-August 2022. See more information:

Path studies in English for autumn 2022

Bachelor’s degree path studies in Finnish have enrolment twice a year. In July-August is the enrolment for studies beginning in autumn semester and in November-December is the enrolment for studies starting beginning in spring semester. Enrolment for path studies in Finnish beginning in spring 2022 is in November-December 2021. More information in Polkuopinnot keväällä 2022 page.

Separate application process based on Open UAS studies

A person who has earned 60 credits in an open university of applied sciences may apply to become a degree student through a separate application process. Studies completed in any university of applied sciences are eligible, but they must be open UAS studies and part of the degree programme that the person is applying for (e.g. Bachelor's Degree in Health Care).

For more information, see S​eparate applications for full-time degree programmes page.