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Tuition fees and scholarships

Non-EU/EEA citizens who have been selected for admission to degree programmes taught in English will be charged tuition fees. Scroll down to read more about fees, exemptions and scholarships.

​​​​​​​​​Who has to pay the tuition fee?

At Laurea University of Applied Sciences tuition fees are charged from non-EU/EEA area students who have been selected for admission to a Bachelor or Master degree programme taught in English.

Exemptions apply and therefore, prospective non-EU/EEA students intending to study in the degree programmes offered in English are advised to check their status below under "Exemptions of tuition fees".

The Laurea degree programmes taught in Finnish language do not have tuition fees. 

Laurea itself may decide on the size of this fee and the arrangements for its collection. The law (Section 13 of the Polytechnic Act) also states that the university of applied sciences is to have a scholarship system in place for supporting students participating in fee-charging degree programmes. 

We reserve the right to make changes.

Payment of the tuition fee

Tuition fees for Bacherlor programmes is EUR 8000/academic year and for Masters programmes EUR 10 000/academic year. 

All non-EU/EEA area applicants who have not provided a document for exemption and who have been selected for admission will receive in an email a notification of conditional admission, a copy of the Laurea Student Agreement and instructions for paying the Laurea tuition fee.

The Student Agreement(pdf) describes the responsibilities of Laurea and the tuition fee paying Student. The student confirms the acceptance of the agreement by paying the tuition fee. After payment, the agreement is valid from the date of the student accepting the study place offered.

Payment terms

The student is expected to pay tuition fees before beginning each academic year. For first year students the tuition fee must be paid by the deadline for accepting the study place.

Students who have paid the tuition fee will be registered as present for the academic year after which he or she will be entered on the list of Laurea students. The student must register themselves as present or absent each academic year in compliance with the regulations set by Laurea. For tuition fee paying students the registration as present for the academic year is valid after payment of the tuition fee for the said academic year has been made. Failure to register for the academic year results in loss of study entitlement at Laurea.

The admission of a tuition fee liable student is conditional until the student's eligibility to apply has been checked by Laurea Admissions, the student has confirmed their study place and paid the first year tuition fee.

Kindly note:- The payment of tuition fees coincides with the confirmation of the study place. Admitted students are, therefore, advised to keep in mind the deadline given for confirming the study place. In the spring joint application, the nominal deadline for confirming the study place as well as effecting payment is the 14th of July 2023 or 7 days from notification of admission when accepted from the waiting list or supplementary application period. The tuition fees must be paid in full for the whole academic year.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Please notice, the tuition fee covers only tuition for the degree programme in question in Laurea UAS. It does not include Health Insurance costs or costs needed for the residence permit application process. For the residence permit, student is obliged to have sufficient funds to cover living in Finland as required by the Finnish Immigration Service. These funds are not included in the tuition fee payment. 

The tuition fee does not cover other living costs or travelling costs either which admitted students need to cover themselves. Laurea UAS does not have its own student dormitories or other housing for students. Students are responsible for acquiring accommodation for the studies.

The Laurea tuition fee payment should be made with our Paytrail payment system. 

The tuition fee must be paid in its entirety for a full academic year. The fees can be paid with the most common credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Payments via Paytrail are also possible through bank transfer if you already have a Finnish bank account and bank codes.

In the online payment system you must give the following information:

  • select the degree programme
  • your name and e-mail address
  • payer's information  

Exemptions of tuition fees

Non EU/EEA citizens are exempted from paying tuition fees if they are in possession of any of the following documents mentioned below:

  • Passport or a valid national identity card to indicate the citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • EU Blue Card residence permit in Finland
  • Continuous residence permit in Finland, A-type permit issued for purposes other than studies
  • Permanent residence permit in Finland, P-type permit
  • EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence in Finland (type P-EU)
  • Residence card in Finland for non-EU family members of EU citizens. Family membership is defined as stipulated in the Aliens Act.
  • Brexit residence permit card, Type SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla = Right of residence under the withdrawal agreement, or P SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla = Right of permanent residence under the withdrawal agreement
  • UK citizens: Proof from the Finnish Immigration Services that you have registered, or applied to register, your EU right to residence in Finland (a self printed Certificate of a pending application from -service is also accepted).

The document for exemption is considered valid for the academic year if the document is valid August 1st of the said academic year. Please upload your document for tuition fee exemption to your application form in

In the event that one receives an unwarranted tuition fee payment request when admitted, the applicant can still submit the document to apply for a tuition fee waiver. This should be done as soon as the notification of admission has been received possibly latest before confirming the study place. Admission is conditional until the admission services has checked all relevant documents as well as valid identification (passport). 


The Student has the right to apply for a scholarship intended for students paying yearly tuition fee. Please note the scholarships mentioned below do not apply to students of tailor-made programmes.

The scholarships are provided to students applying for them provided that

  • a)    the student has completed at least 60 credits of studies that count towards their Programme in the previous academic year ending on 31 July. The Student may apply for the scholarship based on previous year studies once per academic year. Application form

  • b)    the student has successfully completed a YKI Finnish language skills test at basic level (A2) or middle level (B2). The scholarships provided on the basis of YKI tests can each be paid only once during studies. Application form

  • c)    the student applies for scholarship for humanitarian reasons. Laurea offers scholarships for academic year 2023-2024 to students who have been granted a temporary residence permit under the EU Council Implementing Regulation (EU 2022/382) following an attack on Ukraine. A freeform application can be sent by email to Laurea Admissions. The applicant can upload supporting documents to his/her application form ( underneath the heading ‘Certificates required in connection with student selection (UAS)'.

The size of the scholarships a) and b) are to be at most equivalent to 15% of the yearly tuition fee.

The size of the scholarship c)  is 100% of the yearly tuition fee.

We reserve the right to make changes.

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