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This is an online programme with English as the teaching language. The next application period for this programme is 8 - 22 January 2025.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Leading Transformational Change
  • Degree title: Master of Business Administration
  • Duration of studies: 90 ECT, 1,5-2,5 years

Applicants must have a suitable degree completed at a university or a UAS and at least two years of relevant work experience acquired after graduation.

Work experience must be related to the degree you are applying for or related to the degree you have graduated from.

If you want to develop your skills in transformational leadership, this programme is for you. You will learn how to manage environments that are going through a major change. A transformational leader must be very independent and be able to develop and research. Therefore, you are expected to have an active and curious attitude as well as readiness to schedule your studies and commit yourself to completing them.

Core competence

The mandatory core competencies (30 credits) will be in English and they are available completely online. The courses will consist of courses focusing on consumer behaviour and brands, the Nudge – influencing individual and group behaviour, modelling laws, the digital economy, digital marketing and living in a changing world – an international perspective.

  • Internet Economy 

    During this course, you will learn to identify the role of information in a value creation process and understand value creation in network environments. Studies include measuring the position in a network, understanding the value of different positions in a network and analysing the competitive strengths of companies working in a digital environment. After the course, you will be able to apply the skill of vicarious thinking in everyday negotiations and decision-making.

  • Brand Mash-Up – Transforming Your Business Through Collaboration 

    You will learn to analyse your personal brand by choosing brands to collaborate with. You will learn to use the brand mash-up framework and study through branding literature. After the course, you will be able to evaluate the financial value of brands, create a plan for collaborating brands and design new service or product brands with brand mash-up tools.

  • Legal design in change management 

    You will learn to use Service Design methods in making legal services and texts more accessible and understandable. This course helps you to manage legal aspects affecting transformation in business and to utilize visual thinking and communication to secure shared understanding of legal documents. After the course, you will be able to develop and create legal information, services and systems.

  • Nudging Transformational Change into Action 

    You will learn to understand the role of heuristics and biases in business environment and to explore the fields of behavioural economics and behavioural decision-making. The course will help you identify and evaluate psychological factors that either promote or challenge transformation change and to analyse ethical aspects of behavioural interventions and nudges.

  • Digital Marketing 

    In the Digital Marketing course, you will learn to develop digital marketing strategies through electronic media and to implement digital marketing strategies into practice. During the course, you will learn the necessary skills to evaluate product, pricing, distribution and communication marketing functions in an internet marketing strategy. You will also learn to use digital analytics to evaluate and optimize the results of digital marketing.

  • Living in a changing world 

    This course helps you to understand and work with people from different cultures. You will learn to collect data on the diffusion of technology in different countries and understand the underlying forces preventing or enabling diffusion.

Complementary competence

You can deepen and extend your knowledge through complementary competencies. The scope of the studies is 30 credits and they support your individual study paths and competence. The amount of online master level courses in English provided by both Laurea and other universities of applied sciences is continuously increasing.

You can choose your complementary courses from this common offering and include eg. Open Access offering in your elective studies. You can also register for elective on campus courses and, language skills permitting, available in Finnish. It is recommended to start working on your thesis (30 credits) early on.

See the curriculum 2024 on or read the curriculum 2023 in pdf file

Studying in the Leading Transformational Change programme

This is an online programme with English as the teaching language. Therefore, you may also enroll in the degree programme if you are living abroad. There are two face-to-face instruction days for the selected students arranged in beginning of studies at Laurea Tikkurila Campus (pandemic permitting).

The degree takes on average 1.5–2.5 years to complete. In line with the international ECTS standard, one credit corresponds to 26.7 hours of work for an average student.

The online learning environments support your learning. The study method varies depending on the course. Part of the degree programme involves fully independent study, such as essay writing or working on structured online exercises under the teacher’s guidance, but online meetings and group assignments are also included.

Tentative timetable

The program will start with orientation days (online) on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September.

The first two courses Digital Marketing and Brand Mashup will start in September and finish by late October. At the end of October the Living in a Changing World course will start. In this project, students will work in international teams. This means that time will be constrained by the availability of all team members in different time zones. The project ends before the end of the Year. In January the course Legal Design in Change Management will start. The Nudging Transformational Change into Action course will start in early spring.

We recommend you take free choice  (complementary) courses from e.g. right from the beginning of your studies. You can choose complementary courses also from Laurea's offering, see

Tuition fees and scholarships

Non-EU/EEA area students in degree programmes taught in English are charged tuition fees.

Tuition fee: €10 000/ academic year for non EU/EEA students.

Read more about the tuition fees and scholarships >>

Application requirements

Applicants to Master's programmes must have a previous Bachelor's or Master's degree completed at a university or a university of applied sciences and at least 24 months of subsequent work experience in the field being applied to or the field of the previous higher education degree.  

Read more about the requirements for applying to Master's degree programmes at the Selection criteria and Required certificates and Entrance exam pages.  


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