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The master´s degree programme in Leading Transformational Change corresponds well to future needs for change

In the student interview, we have Maarit Ketterer who started master’s studies with the first student group of the degree programme in Leading Transformational Change in autumn 2019.

Student Maarit Ketterer

The Leading Transformational Change degree programme is provided entirely online in English. At the beginning of autumn, the student group had a two-day kick-off, after which the studying has taking place completely online. Maarit is currently living in Toronto, Canada, and important criteria for her when selecting a study place were flexibility of studies and the studies being offered in English. 

 - All students flexibly work together. For example, I am currently living in Toronto, so it has not been possible to meet face-to-face, but the online working has been really easy, and everyone has been motivated and flexible with schedules, Maarit is pleased to say.

Maarit has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, after which she completed a year of specialisation studies in 2011. Maarit is currently on study leave. Before the study leave, she was responsible for the resale marketing of the Nissan car brand in Nordic and Baltic countries.

- For a few years, I have had the feeling that my work experience and level of education do not quite match. So I really wanted to update my skills. Through the degree programme, I wanted know-how especially for future challenges, Maarit says. 

The studies require students to use their own intellects and to combine new theories with their own experience. 

The studies have given us a lot to think about

The study group has students from various parts of Finland and abroad. So far, the studies have contained both individual and group work. The students have worked in groups through Zoom or Teams, for example. There have also been online Zoom meetings with teachers, where it has been possible to receive guidance on group work.

In addition, the teachers have made video recordings as a teaching aid which are viewed on one’s own time. So far, the study group that started in autumn has had courses covering digital marketing, brands and the creation of a new business idea for a customer company, among other topics. 

- So far, the studies have given us a lot to think about. In my opinion, the work has been smartly planned such that you really have to use your brains. In the degree studies, you can clearly utilise your own experience and new theories, Maarit says. 

According to Maarit, the studies are best suited for a person who has an open mind and is willing to accept uncertainty as part of learning. It is also good if the student is able to question things or wishes to do things differently in the future. 

- The degree studies require self-discipline and the student must be self-directed, Maarit emphasises. 

It is important to look at things in a different way

Maarit says that her own practical knowledge has been strengthened when she has also been able to update the underlying theory. - What I have done previously has gained clarity and confirmation through theory. I have also received a lot of specific knowledge that I hopefully can put into practice at my work, Maarit tells. 

In the future, Maarit would like to act as a mentor to younger employees. Experience gained should also be shared with others. - It would be wonderful to build grassroots-level mentoring. There is often a huge amount of expertise within a company that could be utilised systematically, Maarit reflects.

Maarit would also love to be involved in change management regarding digitalisation.  She finds that it is of utmost importance to see matters in a new way. - Digitalisation is already the new norm, and it will only grow stronger in all industries. I would like to be involved in bringing that message forward.

At the end of the interview, Maarit finishes up by telling about what gives her a good feeling: - A good feeling comes when it is nice to go to work every day and receive good feedback from the team. At work, I have always experienced the joy of being trusted and given the opportunity to be my own kind of manager. Travelling is also the spice of life. If someday work was such that there would be no physical workplace, but one could telework from different places, that would be great, Maarit says.