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Entrance exams

Preparing for the Corona situation update: In accordance to the current national policy, the English degree programme selection tests in April will be cancelled (Joint application 1.). Student selections will be made by other means. We will inform the applicants as well as publicly as soon as the plans are complete. Please follow this page for updates.

Most of the student selections of Laurea degree programmes are carried out based on entrance exams. Applicants who have fulfilled the eligibility requirements and submitted the required certificates will be invited to the entrance exams. Only applicants who have received the invitation may participate in the entrance examinations.

Each degree programme generally has its own entrance exam. Some UAS degree programmes are in entrance exam co-operation which means the applicant writes one exam and the co-operating UAS accepts the exam result.

The entrance exam generally contains a written part (essay, multiple choice questions) and an interview. In order to be considered for admission based on an entrance exam, the applicant must acquire the minimum passing grade in the exam as described in the sections below. Samples of entrance exams from previous years are not available.

Note that the given entrance exam dates cannot be changed.

The entrance exam information for each degree programme is available on the degree programme's webpage, which you can access from the links in the table below. Select the desired programme link below, select "Application process" and then refer to the heading "entrance examination and aptitude test". In application year 2020 all Laurea entrance exams are arranged in Finland only. We reserve the right to make changes.

Preliminary material for entrance exams

Some degree programmes may have preliminary materials for the entrance exams. Any preliminary exam materials will be announced on the programme's Studyinfo website which you can access via the links in the table below. When you open the programme's information at, you can find the exam material under Application process -> Entrance exams.


Preparing for the Corona situation update: In accordance to the current national policy, the English degree programme selection tests in April will be cancelled (Joint application 1.). Student selections will be made by other means. We will inform the applicants as well as publicly as soon as the plans are complete.

Universities of applied sciences are making joint backup plans for situation where the entrance examinations can not be conducted as planned. These backup plans will be published on Friday 27 th March. Plans will be sent to the applicants by email and posted on the website of every UAS.

Bachelor's degree programme Preliminary material for exam
 Exam dates
Service Business Management Yes  1st April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA
Business Information Technology No  3rd April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA
Safety, Security and Risk Management Yes

 2nd April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA

Hospitality Management and Service Design Yes  7th April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA
Nursing No  3rd April 2020 online exam
Social Services No  3rd April 2020 online exam
Master's degree programmes    
Service Innovation and Design Yes  21st April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA
Global Health and Crisis Management No  20th April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA
Leading Transformational Change Yes  17th April 2020 CANCELLED/TBA


Special arrangements for entrance examinations

Efforts to improve accessibility support the removal of various obstacles to studying. In addition to the accessibility of facilities, attention is focused on removing what are called invisible obstacles. Such obstacles are, for instance, various special challenges in learning (learning difficulties and dyslexia) and barriers related to mental health issues. In such cases special arrangements for the entrance examinations can be arranged.  

An applicant may submit a request form for special arrangements for the entrance examination. Typical arrangements could include, for instance, assistance, additional time to complete an entrance exam or a quiet working space. The application should indicate the types of special arrangements being requested and the grounds for the request (see below). The situation of each applicant shall be considered individually.

If you have an existing special arrangements’ certificate or statement,  stating your special arrangements then your application must be submitted by 29th January 2020.

If you are granted a certificate or statement entitling you to special arrangements between the end of the application period and the entrance examination date, you should submit the application for special arrangements as soon as possible.

When applying for special arrangements due to learning difficulties or dyslexia, you should attach a statement by a teacher specialising in the field, a qualified psychologist familiar with the issue, a speech therapist or a specialised physician (e.g. paediatric neurologist, neurologist or phoniatrist). In addition, it is requested that you attach a previous decision by the Matriculation Examination Board, if available. In terms of dyslexia, special arrangements only take into account moderate to severe forms of dyslexia (scale: no dyslexia, minor dyslexia, moderate dyslexia and severe dyslexia). When the dyslexia, learning difficulty, illness or disability is permanent, earlier statements will be taken into account. As a general rule, expert opinions may not date back more than 5 (five) years. The validity of other statements shall be considered case by case. Please do not send original certificates. However, be prepared to present the original certificates at the beginning of your studies. Your health information is confidential (Section 24 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities).

Decisions on special arrangements for entrance examinations are specific to each programme choice and a decision is only valid on a specific examination date. If a person later signs up for an entrance examination for the same or some other programme, he or she will have to reapply for special arrangements for the relevant entrance examination. Laurea UAS will notify you by e-mail in good time before the entrance examination of any special arrangements granted.

If, for some reason, the special arrangements cannot be arranged according to the request, Laurea UAS will send the applicant a written notification along with the justifications. A request for special arrangements sent after the deadline shall only be admissible in acute and exceptional cases. It may not be possible to grant special arrangements if the applicant contacts the university of applied sciences too late as regards the date of the entrance examination, or if it is found that the special arrangements are otherwise impossible to implement.

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