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Entrance exams

Most of the student selections of Laurea degree programmes are carried out based on entrance exams.

Bachelor degree entrance exams spring 2023

An online entrance examination, the International UAS Exam consists of two phases:

  • First phase - written exam in 8th February 2023
  • Second phase - group interview in 6th-17th March 2023.
  • The Finnish language test 20th-22nd March 2023. The Finnish language test is only for applicants to Laurea Nursing and Laurea Social Services.

To participate in the entrance exam, you need a personal login link and a personal PIN code. The log in link will be sent by email latest 6th February 2023. Further information about logging is available on the UASinfo website. 

More detailed information on the International UAS Exam can be found at

The International UAS Exam selection method is used for all Laurea Bachelor Degree programmes.

If the study places allocated to a selection method are not filled, the remaining study places will be allocated to another selection method.

The information and dates about the International UAS exam for the autumn application 2023 period is to be announced.

Master degree entrance exams 2023

Master degree programmes have each their own entrance exam. Samples of entrance exams from previous years are not available. Only eleigible applicants will be invited to the entrance exams. The entrance exam invitations will be sent by email in mid-March.

Exam information for 2023 is available on the website. See links below.

Service Innovation and Design

Leading Transformational Change

Global Health and Crisis Management

Individual arrangements for entrance examinations

If, due to disability, disease, dyslexia or some other specific reason, you need individual arrangements during the entrance exam (e.g. additional time, tasks without pictures for applicants using a screen reader), you have to fill in a written request for individual arrangements. Please attach a medical certificate or other equivalent attestation on the nature of your disability or disease. The applicants’ situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Information about individual arrangements for the International UAS exam.

Submit your request for individual arrangements for the spring application entrance exams with the application forms below with the necessary attachments, by 25 January 2023 at 15:00 EET.

For the autumn application period 2023, the deadline to submit your request for individual arrangements will be 21st September 2023.

Individual arrangements for Bachelor degree International UAS exam

Individual arrangements for Laurea Masters degree programme exam

Please attach a copy of the attestation or statement (e.g. medical certificate) that indicates the ground for individual arrangements. If it is written on another language than Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant has to provide, in addition to the original attestation or statement, a translated copy of the document with an authorized translator’s name, signature and stamp.

Please attach copies of attestations that support your request (e.g. medical certificate or equivalent statement on the nature of your disease or disability, or certificate on dyslexia or learning difficulty). Those who request support measures, such as additional time, on the grounds of dyslexia have to attach a statement of a trained special needs teacher, an expert psychologist, speech therapist or specialist medical doctor (e.g. child neurologist, neurologist or phoniatrician). The statement shall indicate that you need support measures for taking the exam due to dyslexia. The UAS may accept an equivalent decision made by The Finnish Matriculation Examination Board if it contains the granted support measures.

The validity of statements is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the persistence of disability, disease or learning difficulty. For dyslexia, only statements that have been obtained at the age of 16 or later are considered. Do not send original certificates but be prepared to present the originals at the start of your studies should you become accepted to the study programme. Information related to your health shall be kept secret (Section 24, Act on the Openness of Government Activities).

Admissions Services will inform you by email on individual arrangements that you have been granted.

The announcement on individual arrangements in the entrance examination is exam-specific and valid only in that particular entrance examination. If, for some reason, individual arrangements cannot be arranged as requested by the applicant, the UAS sends a written notification, with justifications, to the applicant.

Requests for individual arrangements sent after the deadline are processed only in acute, exceptional cases. Individual arrangements cannot be granted if the request is submitted too late, with regard to the timetable of the entrance examination, or individual arrangements are otherwise deemed impossible to arrange.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the arrangements stated in the announcement, they should contact the university of applied sciences without delay so that it can, if necessary, revise its previous decision. When the applicant receives the final joint application selection decision, they can lodge a request for a review on the granted arrangements as part of an appeal against the selection decision.

Laurea Admission Services

Ratatie 22
FIN-01300 Vantaa
Tel. +358 9 8868 7293
Fax. +358 9 8868 7298

Admissions Office open hours

Phone service Mon - Thu 10:00 - 12:00.

Phone service is closed during entrance exam week, 29th to 31st of May.

Laurea Admissions services are available by email, phone and online via Teams. The phone service is open Tuesday – Thursday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Reservations for a Teams session can be made for Tuesday – Thursday from 12:45 pm to 3:00pm with the link below. Reservations will be confirmed by Laurea Admissions by e-mail.  The office is located in Laurea Tikkurila campus together with Student Affairs. The Admissions services office is open by reservation only.

You can make the reservation for a Teams session here.

We recommend to contact us by email in the first place.