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Business Management student Lam Nguyen emphasises importance of networking

Lam Nguyen found her work traineeships through networks she created during her studies.

Lam Nguyen, who studies in the Service Business Management Degree programme, is in her last year at Laurea. Lam began her studies in hospitality management, hoping to work in restaurants around the world. However, business management appealed to Lam and she decided to switch over to study business management.

- I noticed that I was greatly interested in learning about the challenges of the world of business and to help companies solve them. It is like a big jigsaw puzzle, Lam smiles.

Lam feels that Laurea has given her a good opportunity for self-development, allowing her to focus on her passions, and to build a career. As an example of this Lam mentions projects with enterprises that she was involved with during her studies:

- I especially enjoyed the LEAN Implementation project. I was given the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals. With their help I was able to solve real business problems, I learned more about Finnish work culture, and I networked efficiently, Lam says.

Networks should be used boldly

Lam feels that her studies have prepared her well for work traineeships. During her studies Lam has completed two traineeships, both with consulting firms.

- The first was in a smaller company specialised in strategy services. In my second traineeship my task was to support the CEO in helping to visualise a new business model. I also helped in market research.

Lam says that she got both of her trainee positions through networks established during his studies.

- I either knew the CEO or another person working in the company before, or I utilised contacts established in student projects. It is a good idea to courageously utilise one's own networks. I believe that following up on the networks that we create will support us after graduation.

In addition to traineeships, networks can be expanded in different kinds of work events and student activities. During her studies Lam has been actively involved in the activities of the Laurea Entrepreneurship Society and served as a volunteer in the technology and startup event Slush. These experiences helped her put her knowledge into practice.

- Student activities and participation in events are great opportunities to meet new people and to learn from the best in the field, Lam says.

Greater internationalisation of work requires international specialists

Both traineeships have stayed in Lam's mind as positive experiences.

- I was received very well. In my trainee posts most of the material was in English, so the work was easy. I got translation help when I needed it and the work could be done in English, Lam explains. Though she would love to speak Finnish, knows it’ll take time and effort to achieve it.

Lam says that both companies were very international. She hopes that companies might hire more international students:

- We live in a global world in which companies operate in several countries. Connections are established quickly and English serves as a common language. Studies also show that a company with an international and versatile working community is more productive.

Watch Lam's video interview:

Laurea experiences: Service Business Management student Lam Nguyen