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Bachelors of Social Services work closely with their clients in everyday life. They are ready to work with different people and they have good interaction skills.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Social Services
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Social Services
  • Duration of studies: 210 cr, 3,5 years

Bachelors of Social Services are employed by the public, private and third sector in various counselling, service, rehabilitation and prevention related tasks, in early childhood education as well as in different management positions.

The Bachelor of Social Services degree provides you with the skills required for helping and guiding clients in different life situations, understanding the client’s overall situation. During your social services studies, you learn various innovative methods of working with clients and means for providing concrete help and support. You will also learn the skills required to start a business of your own and produce well-being services. Bachelors of Social Services are employed by the public, private and third sector in various counselling, service, rehabilitation and prevention related tasks, in early childhood education as well as in different management positions. 

At Laurea, social services studies also include social service design and multi-professional co-operation. The degree programme provides students with skills for extensive management of social services, service systems and legislation.

What is it like to study social services?

At Laurea, you can choose the way of studying that suits you best. If you choose daytime studies, you will be studying mainly on campus; the blended learning programme is online-oriented and includes fewer face-to-face instruction days and mainly consists of independent online studies. You may also take the entire degree online, without on-campus instruction. 

In daytime studies, the courses include face-to-face instruction on campus, different group works and a chance to work closely with working life partners during the practice periods. Study units also include workplace projects carried out in co-operation with Laurea’s working life partners.

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The strengths of the programme

Laurea offers the Bachelor of Social Services programme on five campuses, and at Tikkurila, you can also study the Social Services degree in English. You can choose courses very flexibly from the different campuses and switch between study methods. For instance, you can add online courses to daytime studies. 

In social services, the range of studies offered is wide and diverse. In addition, for your complementary studies, you may choose courses from any other degree programme or from the study offer of other UASs or Universities. 

At Laurea, you can specialise in early childhood education, social counselling, child welfare, family work or creative methods.

The purpose of creative methods, such as music, art or drama, is to engage and empower different client groups in an innovative manner.

How does the international aspect show in the studies?

The Finnish Social Services degree programme includes studies that require knowledge of English, and in the English Social Services degree you study mainly in English. In addition, in all Social Services degrees, you can choose study units that are carried out together with international degree students and international exchange students.

The degree programmes also include language studies, and in the English Social Services degree you will also practice your Finnish skills. Language courses are working life oriented, and you will learn language through everyday activities. If you wish to conduct studies or practice abroad, Laurea has an extensive network of international partners.

How many work placements are included?

The programme includes three work placements, worth 15 credits each. The first work placement focuses on working with clients, the second on methods and the third on research and development of work. Recognition of prior learning is possible for the first work placement. Also, your other previous studies that are of required level can be included as part of your degree.

Further studies

After working three years following the completion of your Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for a Master’s programme. Further studies enable your progress to demanding managerial or development jobs, for instance. Further studies are possible while you work, and the learning exercises can be assignments carried out for your own workplace. You may also apply to other universities or higher education institutions to continue your studies. It is also possible to develop your competence through continuing education at a university of applied sciences or through the open university of applied sciences. It is possible to continue on your study path all the way to a doctor’s degree.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities for Bachelors of Social Services graduating from Laurea are very good. In the public sector, for instance, there is high demand for professionals of social services. You may be employed in early childhood education: Bachelor’s of Social Services will continue to have an important role at day care centres. Bachelors of Social Services may also work as service counsellors, social counsellors, organisational workers, managers of family welfare work or youth leaders. Your clients may include people of all ages.

The work of a Bachelor of Social Services involves interacting with clients and supporting their life management. Clients are helped to manage their own life: in early childhood education, it means working in a day care centre with children, while in municipal social services it means guiding the client to use different services.

As a social services professional, you may also find employment in international organisations around the world.

Tuition fees and grants

Non-EU/EEA area students who have been selected through the Finnish joint application for admission to degree programmes taught in English are charged tuition fees.

Tuition fee: €8000/ academic year for non EU/EEA students.

Grants are intended for students paying yearly tuition fee in accordance with the grant fund regulations. The grants are provided to students applying for them provided that the student has completed at least 60 credits of studies that count towards their degree programme in the previous academic year ending on 31st July. ​The size of any grant is to be at most equivalent to 10% of the yearly tuition fee​.

Read more about the tuition fees and grants >>

How to apply

Based on the results of the entrance examination, part of the applicants are invited to an interview. The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant’s capacity to complete the education, that is, suitability to work as a social services professional. The interviews are group interviews. You can prepare for the entrance examination by reading the advance material thoroughly.

More information:

Frequently asked questions - social services

  • Can I study early childhood education studies at Laurea Tikkurila? 

    These studies are currently offered only in Finnish but also in English from spring 2021 onwards.


Student stories

Bachelor of Social Services, Tikkurila, apply Jan 7th - 20th 2021

  • Studies begin: Fall 2021
  • Mode of teaching: Full-time Studies
  • Teaching time: Monday-Friday
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