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Social Services alumna Mónika Kis: “If you want to help people, you will find the way and your own place in Laurea”

Mónika Kis graduated from Laurea in 2020. The support of Laurea's teachers is something that Mónika values ​​and still fondly remembers.

Social Services alumni Mónika Kis

Laurea alumna Mónika Kis studied in Bachelor's Degree Programme in Social Services and graduated in 2020. Mónika wants to work with people to help them to be able to manage their lives better so they can, for example, be better parents. 

Mónika has worked in a kindergarten for many years and likes it, but earlier often would have liked to do more:

–  It felt that we were only treating symptoms at the daycare, and I wanted to do something about it, Mónika says. 

The need to make a wider influence made Monika apply for studies of Social Services:

–  In many times, the problems are from within the families or on a societal level, and that is what pushed me to continue my studies, Mónika says, – and that is how Laurea came into the picture. 

Mónika felt that Laurea was the right place to be right from the start to the graduation: Laurea felt like home, and the support of the teachers was something that Mónika still values and remembers.

 – If you want to help people, you will find the way to do that and your own palce in Laurea, Mónika says.

Get to know Mónika’s story from the video.

Alumni story: Mónika Kis