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Social Services degree studies attracts local and international students

Students from different backgrounds are sharing their experiences from the studies and encouraging new students to apply.

Li Jiang, Danhua Luo and Cecilia Lindström.

Chinese students Li Jiang and Danhua Luo started Social Services Bachelor’s degree studies in Laurea in December 2020. They both are focusing on early childhood education in their studies.

Laurea offers a great opportunity for university studies without any age limits, as Chinese universities have. They both being mothers, they find combining family and studying quite normal and easy in Finland.

- As a mom I wish my children could have a good environment and education, Li summarizes the reasons to live and study in Finland.

High quality education increases work opportunities

Li Jiang has a long work history designing kindergartens in China. Finland was an appealing destination for studying because of its high quality of education. So far, studies in Laurea have lived up to her expectations. Li hopes these studies will help to gain scientific knowledge about early education, so in the future she would be able to take part in developing the Chinese children's education system.

Danhua Lou on the other hand hopes these studies in Laurea will increase work opportunities and that way stability for life in Finland. After graduation she will continue studying Finnish and hopefully be employed in the early education field in Finland.

Even with a slightly different career plans, Li and Danhua both agreed on one thing;

- We are definitely recommending studies in Laurea.

Student projects provides easy way to create work life connections

Cecilia Lindström from Helsinki chose English Bachelor’s Degree studies in Social Services in hope of studying with other students from diverse backgrounds and from various age groups.

- And to be honest, I assumed it might be easier to get in, because there were fewer people applying to the degree side. In my case, these assumptions were accurate, she adds. 

Now as a third-year student, Cecilia has gained a great amount of experience about student life in Laurea. She brings out Laurea´s excellent lecturers who utilize their own personalities in their work as well as their experiences from the field. Visiting lectures, field trips and real work life projects also enable students to gain a deeper understanding of Social Services. 

To encourage all the potential prospective students, Cecilia describes Laurea´s study methods:

- Instead of heavy reading for endless exams, the focus has been on versatile essays, reports and projects in cooperation with various agents in all the sectors of the social field. This way, we as students, have been able to make important connections to the working life during our studies. It’s been an exciting, challenging and mind opening journey.

We are looking for 14 students to start their studies as path students in the Social Services programme in the fall of 2021. Learn more and apply!