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The BIT Cyber Security programme studies are blended learning studies. Online classes and workshops are organized in the evening Finnish time (GMT+2). Next application period: January 7th to January 20th.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, Cyber Security
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Duration of studies: 210 ECTS, 3,5 years

Graduates can find employment particularly in cyber security consulting and technical expert roles.

Programme content

In the digital world protection against cyber threats is becoming more and more important. The BIT Cyber security programme efficiently prepares you to manage and respond to cyber threats in a business environment. You will learn a holistic view of cybersecurity including business management, information security management, networking principles, technical protection practices and forensics.

In this programme you will deepen your expertise in Cybersecurity with business management perspective. Programme content is connected to cybersecurity frameworks provided by the most prominent associations including Comptia, ISC2 and ISACA. All teachers have a professional background from business and IT industries. Laurea continuously co-operates with industry partners (e.g. Nixu, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft) to bring in the latest competencies and technologies into our courses.

The programme is composed of compulsory core competencies, complementary competencies, job placements and final project/thesis.

Core competence

The compulsory core competencies contain modules that will give you fundamental skills and competencies on the following areas:

  • Business Operations – 30 ECTS
  • Competence in ICT – 30 ECTS
  • Digital Service Business – 30 ECTS
  • Work life competences – 15 ECTS

Complementary competence

Complementary competencies (60 ECTS) consists of following study modules:

Information Infrastructure and Security - 15 ECTS

You will gain an understanding of the infrastructure of and the operations in modern communication networks . After completing the studies you are able to configure basic network services in a secure way and anticipate future security threats based on structural vulnerabilities in IP networks.

Information Security Management - 15 ECTS

The objective of the studies is to understand, plan and implement information security management in an organization. You will also learn to to plan a comprehensive information security strategy and risk management system for an organization.

Cybersecurity Technologies - 20 ECTS

You will will learn important practices used to safeguard information and systems of companies in cyberspace. You will also gain knowledge and skills to manage vulnerabilities, threats and risks within organizations’ information networks and cyberspace.

Authentic Worklife Projects - 10 ECTS

In the projects you participate in the development work of domestic or international businesses and communities and in project work. Projects can also focus on developing the student’s own business. The topic of the project and the competences developed by participating in it will be clarified when the project is added to the study offer.

Studying in the IT Cyber Security programme

Studies in the IT Cyber Security programme are fully online with one meeting per semester with your study group. Additionally, the teachers are available for counselling purposes in the campus by request. Online workshops and webinars are organized in the evening (Finnish time, GMT+2). This programme is particularly suitable for students who want to study independently, efficiently and independent of time or place. Studies require good personal time management skills and target oriented mindset.

Estimated workload is about 25 hours per week at minimum. During studies, you will get to apply diverse learning methods including videos, e-books, articles, webinars, discussions, multiple choice questions, essays, hands-on training and project work. In practice, studies require daily work. Teachers support your learning process in individual study units and your personal tutor teacher helps you for planning your studies.

All selected students attend a three day orientation at Laurea's Leppävaara campus in Finland. The orientation day will be organized in the beginning of the studies in the fall of 2021.

The programme is designed to be completed in three to three and a half years. However, it is possible to speed up the studies and graduate in two years.

Laurea has flexible RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) procedures in place. In practice, more experienced students can have certain studies or work experience recognized as prior learning and receive credits for it. As an example, if the student has valid industrial certifications, they can be recognized as the part of the personal study plan if there is clear match with the curriculum.

Work placements and employment

Studies include practical training (approximately five months), which you can complete in one or two parts. The work placements are an important step towards employment, helping you to further enhance your competence in your area of interest. You can complete your work placement in Finland or abroad.

The BIT Cyber programme provides you with a broad range of possibilities for employment. These include jobs requiring technical skills as well as jobs in which more general business expertise is required.

As a graduate you have a possibility to work in different roles:

  • Junior Security Consultant
  • Security Consultant
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Network Operations Specialist
  • System Administrator
  • Systems Security Analyst
  • IT Project Manager

Internationality in studies

In addition to technical competences, studying in an international group promotes cooperation, interaction and communication skills, much valued by employers.  

Studies in a multicultural student group give you important learning experiences for your future career. This degree programme offers you a study path which is useful with respect to employment.

Tuition fees and grants

Non-EU/EEA area students who have been selected through the Finnish joint application for admission to degree programmes taught in English are charged tuition fees.

Tuition fee: €8000/ academic year for non EU/EEA students.

Read more about the tuition fees and grants »

Opportunities for further studies

After completing the Bachelor’s degree, students can apply for Master’s degree programmes in Finland and abroad.

Frequently asked questions about BIT online studies

  • How much studies take tame on weekly basis? 

    Estimated workload is about 25 hours per week at minimum and depends strongly on existing competences and prior experience for distance-learning. In practice, your personal counsellor helps you to plan your study plan accordingly.

  • What equipment do I need for the studies? 

    You need a computer with Windows or Mac OSX operating system, and an internet connection with 2/2 Mbit/s bandwidth at minimum. You also need a web camera and headset for online meetings with Zoom or Microsoft Teams compatibility.

  • May I also select courses taught on Laurea campuses? 

    All study units at Laurea are also available to online students. However, 45 ECTS of the complementary studies should be belong in the cybersecurity domain. Student healthcare, counselling psychologist, special education teacher and student sports services, are also available to online students. Appointments with teachers of the BIT programme can also be made on Laurea’s Leppävaara campus by request.

  • How are the equality of students and prevention of cheating taken into account? 

    Laurea pays particular attention to ensuring that every student learns. In online studies, it is not possible to pass courses by plagiarism. Laurea has zero tolerance of any type of cheating.

  • I’ll be living outside of Finland during my studies. What time of the day will online lectures or meetings be arranged? 

    The compulsory lectures and meetings related to the BIT programme will be scheduled so that students can have a job while they study. In practice, this means week nights, applying East European time (EET). All lectures will be recorded, so you can also watch them later.



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