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Welcome to study Hospitality Management and Service Design

Congratulations on receiving a study place at Laurea UAS in the Hospitality Management and Service Design degree programme!

You have been granted admission to Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland, to the Bachelor Degree Programme in Hospitality Management and Service Design.

The scope of the programme is 210 ECTS credits and is 3,5 years in duration. The formal time frame of the programme is from 29th January 2024 to July 31st 2027.

Please see the starting date of studies and other important information below. Please also visit this page for possible important updates throughout the summer.

Programme Hospitality Management and Service Design                           

Address Vanha maantie 9, 02650 Espoo                

Starting date 29th January 2024  

Study code  PHA224KN


Orientation days

You have made an excellent choice when choosing Laurea UAS as your place of study. Your studies will begin with an orientation programme (29th - 31st January 2024) at the Leppävaara campus at the address Vanha maantie 9, Espoo. Remember to complete your online orientation course before that!

Your tutor teachers together with the tutor students will be meeting you on the first day of orientation.  It is extremely important that you are present on those days as you will receive all the necessary information concerning your studies. In case of acute illness etc, please notify your tutor teachers Miia Vakkuri ( and Heidi Vähänikkilä ( and also the student affairs’ office Leppävaara ( as soon as possible.

During the orientation you will get to know your degree program more in detail, practices of studying at Laurea and the detailed timetables for spring 2024. Furthermore, you will get to know other students in your group, the tutor students and the tutor teachers together with the services provided by Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Applicants who are moving to Finland for their studies, please note that you need to be able to arrive and start your studies no later than 19th February 2024. In case you cannot meet the given deadline, your studies will begin in autumn 2024 ( late August/early September).  A personal study plan will then be made for each student. Please inform the Laurea Leppävaara student affairs' office on your late arrival:   

More information about the degree programme

Recognizing Prior Learning as Part of your Studies (RPL)

Before actually starting your studies, you should take a moment to consider if you might already have some competence that matches the learning outcomes for which your degree aims. See the objectives of your degree programme in the curriculum and compare those to your current competences.

Your earlier competences can be taken into account in the following ways :

  • Competences which are equivalent to the degree requirements can be recognized as part of the core competence studies
  • Any other higher education level competences which do not match the degree requirements, can be included in the complementary competence studies if you wish.

As you start your studies, you will have an opportunity to discuss these questions with the guidance specialists at your campus. You are advised to apply for the recognition of compulsory studies at the beginning of your studies because it might shorten your study time. Instructions concerning the application process can be found in Laurea's Student intranet, which you will be able to access once you start studying. At this point, it is good to know that you will need documents and some other proof or demonstration of your competences for the process. Please also note that you are obliged to demonstrate the comparability of your earlier studies completed abroad with the Finnish education ‎system.

If you have completed studies in higher education (university or university of applied sciences)  prior your Laurea studies, please send your certificates (note: only ECTS measured studies are valid) to for possible accreditation purposes. The accreditations will be checked once you have started your studies at Laurea UAS.

Study schedules

To view the study schedules for the new groups go to:

-> Select 'In English' -> Select ‘Group search’ -> Write your study group code (PHA224KN) in to the search field-> Press search -> when you see your study group in the search results, press ‘Add’ -> Hide search results -> Select January in the calendar tool -> the schedule for your group is shown in the calendar

Please notice that changes to published schedules are possible. We advise you to check this page again for any possible updates to schedules and other information.

Your Student Union: Laureamko

Each University of Applied Sciences has a Student Union. The Student Union works to increase the quality of the education and Student wellbeing. The student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is called Laureamko.

Laureamko brings the student's point of view to Laurea's decision making. Laureamko has plenty of actors at every campus who work for you, in particular. Furthermore, Laureamko also offers web services, the Laureamko Shop is an online shop for the Students and Laureamko chat supports you in any matters related to studies.

Laureamko arranges many different events, such as visits (for example to Fazer), parties, bowling and board game nights and many other things that supports solidarity. You will find more information on the Laureamko pages, from Facebook and Instagram.


HOAS, the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, provides student housing predominantly in the Helsinki metropolitan area. To qualify for housing, the tenant must be a full-time degree student, be entitled to financial aid and their place of study must be located in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen). Laurea Leppävaara is located in the city of Espoo. Students can submit housing applications on the HOAS website.

Additionally, you can contact the actors responsible for each city's rental housing. It is also a good idea to look at what's available in the private rental market.

Arriving to the Leppävaara Campus

The Laurea Leppävaara Campus (address: Vanha Maantie 9, 02650 Espoo) is located about a 10 minute walk from Leppävaara train station. The campus is easily reached by public transport, local train or bus. Leppävaara is in ticket zone B. 

When arriving from the airport the easiest way to get to Leppävaara is by train. The I and P trains leave from the airport and you can switch trains at Pasila station, Huopalahti station or at Helsinki where you can hop on to one of the following trains, which will take you to Leppävaara: A, U, E, L and Y. The trains leave often, approximately every 10 minutes.


You can find the Helsinki region transportation schedules and information about ticket prices at the HSL website.

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