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Leenet Kamel: "Laurea's hands-on approach to studying really appealed to me"

Student interview with Leenet Kamel, a student in the Hospitality Management and Service Design degree programme.

Leenet Kamel.

Leenet Kamel, originally from Egypt, is a second-year Hospitality Management and Service Design student in Laurea. Before beginning her studies, she was initially looking for a hospitality management degree in Finland because Finland has one of the best education systems in the world. Leenet chose Laurea because its hands-on approach to studying really appealed to her. 

- The studies of this programme revolve around learning concepts, and after you learn a concept and get insights from the teachers, you can apply it on a first-hand basis – either collaborating with an organization or working on a project, Leenet explains.
- When you get to learn the information and then apply it, the information stays with you long after you leave the classroom. 

Leenet describes herself as a visual learner, meaning she likes to see things in front of her and then apply them. Therefore, studying at Laurea has been really suitable for her. Another thing Leenet also values in Laurea is the detailed course structure – each course offers a different set of skills and objectives. 

Project work and collaboration opportunities

During her studies, Leenet has been positively surprised by the number of opportunities students get to collaborate with different organizations. The degree also includes a lot of project work, especially in groups.

- We get insights from different people whilst working to ultimately achieve the objectives, she says.

The most interesting course for Leenet so far has been Service Design and Practice.

- This is where we got to collaborate with a well-being project called HALI, she says.
- We had to try and find low threshold solutions for students’ problems and create services based on that and apply the service design skills that we learned. 

Leenet did her first work placement at a marketing agency in Egypt, where she put her service design skills into use.

- My studies prepared me really well for the work placement – before my studies I really didn’t know anything about service design, the elements or the concepts behind it, she says.
- Once I had learned all that, I feel like I exceeded expectations during my work placement!

"I really want to implement all my service design skills"

Leenet is planning on graduating by the end of 2022. After that, she is planning on either teaching service design, event planning or tourism. But right now, she is focused on tourism.

- My dream is to teach tourism at a university as a teacher. I really want to implement all my service design skills, Leenet says.

For now, Leenet’s goal is to leave Laurea with all the skills she needs to pursue a career.

- So far, I’m on my second year, and that’s exactly what we’ve been given. So, by the time I finish, I think I’m going to achieve my goal, Leenet says. 

Leenet would recommend the degree programme in Hospitality Management and Service Design to anyone interested in hospitality management, whether it is event planning, the food and beverage sector or the hotel industry. 

- If you are interested in helping others and hospitality as a concept, then this is a great degree programme – especially for someone interested in hands-on learning and getting first-hand experience.

Student Story: Hospitality Management and Service Design

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