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Hospitality Management and Service Design is a daytime programme. Studies includes contact teaching and face-to-face instruction.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Hospitality Management & Service Design
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Duration of studies: 210 ECTS, 3,5 years

Graduates can work as developers, experts, and managers in different organizations and companies designing and developing services and operations.

Programme Content

During the Bachelor’s Degree programme in Hospitality Management and Service Design, you will acquire the creative and analytical skills to thrive in the hospitality and service field. You will learn the managerial competences in planning, organizing and communicating. Studies in the Hospitality Management and Service Design programme combine theory and practice. You will learn service design methods through classroom studies and practical working life projects. During your studies, you get to work in the student restaurant Bar Laurea, where you are able to acquire the skills and professional competence needed in the hospitality industry.

As a student, you will apply theoretical concepts to real-world cases and practical assignments. In particular, you will learn how to implement service design methods in innovation and development projects. This is accomplished through work on versatile projects in development hubs with companies and on campus. One important part of the studies is working in the student restaurant BarLaurea, where you are able to acquire the developmental skills and professional competence needed in Hospitality Management. 

In BarLaurea students are able to understand the overall picture of restaurant operations and will acquire the developmental skills and professional competence needed in Hospitality Management.  International study visits will provide experience and understanding of the ever-growing international clientele. In addition to service business studies, the degree programme offers a wide range of studies in leadership, digitalization, communication and interaction, since the capability to lead work processes, network and understand the needs of customers is a core competence. User-centricity is essential to the studies. Students will also gain competences to operate successfully in the modern digitalized business environment. The ability to interpret data is a key skill to success in Hospitality Management. Knowledge Management is a core competence of future managers and experts.

The programme is composed of compulsory core competencies, complementary competencies, job placements and final project/thesis

Core competence

The compulsory core competencies contain modules that will give you fundamental skills and competencies on the following areas:

• Leadership and Business - 30 ECTS

• Hospitality Management - 30 ECTS

• Design Thinking - 30 ECTS

• Expert in a Work Community (internships) - 30 ECTS

• Expert in Development and Workplace Innovation (including Thesis) - 30 ECTS 

Complementary competence

Complementary competencies focusing on:

Producer of Event Services - 35 ECTS

You will learn to plan, implement, manage, evaluate and develop customer-oriented event services profitably and safely while offering peak experiences in cooperation with the customers by using service design methods.

Tourism Service Developer - 40 ECTS

You can deepen your understanding to marketing strategies and business thinking in tourism services. You will learn to develop customer-oriented services and processes in a hotel in accordance with quality guidelines. You will be able to forecast future trends in planning and development and have an overall understanding of the travel and tourism sector.

Innovating Food Services - 10 ECTS

After completing the module, you will be able to develop food services in a multisensory and customer-oriented manner while taking into account current trends. You understand the risks related to food in food production services and are able to apply sensory evaluation methods in developing food products.

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Studying in the Hospitality Management and Service Design programme

Hospitality Management and Service Design is a daytime programme and the studies consist of contact teaching and face-to-face instruction. The programme is designed to be completed in three and a half years. 

You become a professional in Hospitality Management by studying, running projects with teams during the study units, leading yourself and learning how to develop and design services in operations in the hospitality field. As a key element of your studies, you will collaborate with coaches, experts and entrepreneurs from business life to work on various projects and authentic business challenges in an international environment. You can influence the direction in which your competence develops by the work placements and thesis. 

In the thesis you will demonstrate your expertise in your field. You can do it as a workplace development project or part of the university of applied sciences' research and development activities. The thesis emphasizes cooperation between various organizations.    

Work placements and employment

Hospitality Management and Service Design programme provides you with a broad understanding of the hospitality industry and gain practical knowledge of all the basic functions in the field. 

As a graduate you have acquired essential skills in teamwork, communication and project work and be practically oriented and able to work as developers of services in different organizations and companies as experts and managers as well as have insight into customer behaviour in a user-centred way.

As a graduate you have a possibility to work in different roles:

•    service design expert 
•    project manager
•    customer experience manager
•    CRM manager 
•    sales manager
•    event producer 
•    service specialist 
•    restaurant manager 
•    hotel manager 
•    service design planner 
•    customer service officer 
•    entrepreneur

Internationality in studies

You will need international and multicultural competence as part of your professional expertise in the workplace, whether your job is in Finland or abroad. You can include in your personal study plan: 

•    studies or a placement abroad (several months or short intensive periods)  
•    language studies 
•    intercultural communication studies 
•    projects implemented in international cooperation 
•    serving as a tutor for international students 

In addition, the degree programme offers international study visits abroad.  

Tuition fees and grants

Non-EU/EEA area students who have been selected through the Finnish joint application for admission to degree programmes taught in English are charged tuition fees.

Tuition fee: €8000/ academic year for non EU/EEA students.

Read more about the tuition fees and grants »

Opportunities for further studies

After completing a Bachelor's and gaining two years of work experience, you can be admitted as a student in a Master's degree programme. A Master's degree completed at a university of applied sciences will give you the same qualifications for a public office as a Master's degree from a university.   

Once you have a Bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences, you can also apply for a place at a university. In that case, you may be required to take complementary studies.  Universities of applied sciences offer continuing education of various lengths. You can also acquire new knowledge through open university or open university of applied sciences studies. 


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