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Graduates will have a broad understanding of the hospitality industry and  gain practical knowledge of all the basic functions in the field. Graduates will have acquired essential skills in teamwork, communication and project work and be practically oriented and able to work as developers of services in different organizations and companies as experts and managers.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Hospitality Management & Service Design
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Duration of studies: 210 ECTS, 3,5 years

Programme includes studies in Leadership and Business, Hospitality Management and Design Thinking. You can also choose studies event producing, tourism service development or food service innovation.

Study in our brand new Hospitality Management and Service design programme. The studies are designed to help you become an expert in the service field and innovate and create new ideas to improve the field. Studying in the Hospitality and Service Design programme gives you the opportunity to acquire a broad understanding of service design methods such as prototyping, facilitation and ideation. You will learn how to use tools such as customer journey maps, blueprints and moodboards to improve, develop and change the service business.

You will also gain a broad understanding of the hospitality industry and practical knowledge of all the basic functions in the hospitality field, such as producing accommodation services, managing events and the food business. You will develop your teamwork, communication and project work skills, which are essential for success in the industry. As a graduate, you will be practically oriented and able to work as a developer of services in different organisations and companies as an expert and a manager as well as have insight into customer behaviour in a user-centred way.

The Hospitality Management and Service Design degree programme focuses on developing your managerial skills in planning, organising and communicating as well as creative and analytical skills needed to drive innovation. These skills are needed to thrive in the fast-growing and quickly changing international hospitality industry. You will learn to develop and produce accommodation services, manage events and work in the food business. One of the key points to learn is the ability to produce experiences and memories for clientele. As a student, you will apply theoretical concepts to real-world cases and practical assignments. In particular, you will learn how to implement service design methods in innovation and development projects. You will get the chance to put theory into practice by working in projects with external companies and on campus. One important part of the studies is working in the student restaurant BarLaurea, where you are able to acquire the developmental skills and professional competence needed in Hospitality Management. 

In addition to service business studies, the degree programme offers a wide range of studies in leadership, digitalization, communication and interaction since the capability to lead work processes, network and understand the needs of customers is a core competence. User-centricity is essential to the studies. Students will also gain the competencies needed to operate successfully in the modern digitalized business environment. The ability to interpret data is a key skill leading to success in Hospitality Management. Knowledge Management is a core competence of future managers and experts.

Study Contents 

The degree programme in Hospitality Management and Service Design (210 ECTS) consists of core competence (150 ECTS) and complementary competence (60 ECTS) modules. On average, it takes three and a half years to complete. In line with the international ECTS standard, one credit corresponds to 26.7 hours of work for an average student. The core competence modules (150 ECTS) are designed in accordance with the compulsory competence requirements of the degree, while the complementary modules (60 ECTS) allow you to deepen or extend your competence through elective studies.

Core competence (150 ECTS):

  • Leadership and Business, 30 ECTS
  • Hospitality Management, 30 ECTS
  • Design Thinking, 30 ECTS
  • Expert in a Work Community (internships), 30 ECTS
  • Expert in Development and Workplace Innovation (including Thesis), 30 ECTS 

Complementary competence (60 ECTS)

Complementary studies, e.g. module scope 15–30 ECTS focusing on:

• Producer of Event Services
• Tourism Service Developer
• Innovating Food Services


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More information:

Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management and Service Design, 25 study places, apply 7th -20th Jan 2021

  • Studies begin: Fall 2021
  • Mode of teaching: Day time teaching
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