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Antti Taskinen, who works as a regional manager, graduated from Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus in the spring of 2014. Taskinen studied there for 2.5 years and completed six projects and spent one semester as an exchange student. The project studies were very varied and included both marketing and financial administration projects as well as projects related to organising events. The combination of Finnish-language and international projects further increased Taskinen’s competence.

Antti Taskinen

News 6.11.2018

Implementing different kinds of projects expanded his existing competence and his own skills were developed through theoretical knowledge and hands-on work. Taskinen’s work involves lots of projects as well, and he feels that the P2P studies prepared him for the working life very well. Project coordination skills and other skills learned through practice are more useful than theories learned from books. ”The projects gave me extensive and practical tools for sales and marketing. Carrying out sales tasks in a kind of a practice environment taught me a lot and was useful,” Taskinen says.

In the last spring of his studies, Taskinen completed a placement, wrote his thesis and worked. According to Taskinen, the P2P studies made it easier to enter the working life on a full-time basis after the studies. This transition was facilitated by the close cooperation with partners during the projects. “The transition to the working life was smooth for me. I had created good contacts at the end of my studies and they made this possible”, Taskinen says.  After graduating, Taskinen was immediately assigned to tasks with more responsibilities as a store manager at his workplace.

However, the networks created during studies opened up an opportunity to work in a Danish HR company. After working in sales and recruiting in the HR sector for about a year, Taskinen was employed by the Mehiläinen health service company, where he now works as a regional manager. His current tasks include recruiting physicians and managing municipal customers. ”The Bachelor of Business Administration degree does not directly provide one with a vocation but graduates may find employment in marketing, financial administration or HR, for example. The options are open and there are plenty of choices. I encourage everyone to challenge themselves during the studies and expand one’s competence as much as possible,” Taskinen says, listing the benefits of the Bachelor of Business Administration studies.

Regional manager Antti Taskinen was interviewed by Venla Korhonen

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