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How to use the JobTeaser?

On this page, you will find basic instructions on how to use the JobTeaser portal and how to complete your profile.


On the Dashboard-tab you can edit your own profile.

 JobTeaser Profile

1.    In "My profile", you can add a short description of yourself, your social media accounts, information about work experience and education as well as enter your language skills, including competency levels.

You can update your profile picture, location and campus by clicking the pen icon.

2.    By activating your status “Open to offers” and uploading your CV you can receive job offers from companies directly in your inbox.

3.    You can edit your search criteria on the Dashboard under “Edit my Criteria”. Once you've edited your search criteria, be sure to click save.

4.    You can also edit email alerts, language settings, and the companies you follow. Be sure to press save.

5.    NOTE! If you choose Finnish as the language of the site, you will in principle only see Finnish-language content and jobs in JobTeaser. If you add English to your language selection, you will automatically see both Finnish and English content and jobs.


From the Companies page, you can search for companies, view their company profiles, and explore open vacancies. Laurea’s key partner companies are identified by a tag in the top corner of the profile.


On the Jobs page, you can search for jobs. The search automatically searches for jobs that match your search criteria.


On the Events page, you can find events organized by Laurea as well as events worldwide (for example, webinars and recruitment events). You should add English to your language selection to see international events as well.


The Laurea Career Tools page provides a lot of information to support your job search and career planning.


Your company can also submit a job vacancy, internship, or thesis assignment to JobTeaser. More detailed information and instructions can be found from here.

How to sign up to JobTeaser