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How to use the JobTeaser?

On this page, you will find basic instructions on how to use the JobTeaser portal and how to complete your profile.

Once you have created your account for the JobTeaser portal, you can benefit from its versatile content. Attached is a short introduction to the portal's services.

DASHBOARD JobTeaser Profile

My profile
In the profile, you can add a short introduction about yourself, your social media account, information about your work experience and education, and record your language skills and competence levels.

NOTE! If you choose Finnish as the language of the site, you will in principle only see Finnish-language content and jobs in JobTeaser. If you add English to your language selection, you will automatically see both Finnish and English content and jobs.

You can update your profile picture, location, campus and choose alumni as a program by clicking the pencil symbol below the picture.

NOTE! On the Desktop tab, go to edit my profile and change your program to ALUMNI (ENG) in the form that opens under the profile picture. This is important to remember to do in order to see all of the alumni content. This way, positions from Finnish employers will also be directed to your feed.

Open to opportunities
You can choose whether your profile is public. If you want to be open to the possibility of being approached with job offers, you should activate the "open to opportunities" option. In this case, you should upload your CV to the service and keep your profile information up to date. The only required information is your name and email.

If you select "open to opportunities" and add your CV, your information will also be updated in Laurea's talent bank. Laurea's key partners have access to this database. These employers can search for the skills they need in this database and headhunt students. You can find these companies and organizations in the Companies tab with the stamp "Key partner". You can also contact the companies yourself.


On the Companies tab, you can browse companies that interest you and the jobs they offer. You can also directly contact the companies that interest you via the recruitment contact information. Companies can also be followed, in which case an automatic notification of added news will be sent to the e-mail. The company profiles of key partners are always first on the list.


On the Jobs tab, you can browse jobs that interest you. You can quickly try different searches and thus find the best settings from your point of view. Filters added in your profile are automatically added to the search criteria. These can be modified at any time from the profile or from the desktop under "my criteria". You can easily empty the workplace filters from the trash can icon and fill it according to the wishes of the moment. Choose categories more broadly than narrowly.

JobTeaser is a Europe-wide site. All notices left by employers in Laurea's JobTeaser can be seen on the Jobs tab by clicking the trash can in the search criteria, which removes the selected selections, and by activating the option "Our exclusive jobs" in the "Jobs for Laurea University of Applied Sciences" box. It is also worth checking out the entire JobTeaser offer regularly.


From the Events tab, you can browse the events that interest you. Here you can find Laurea's own events, our partners' events and events announced worldwide. The events include coffee moments, coaching, webinars, recruitment events and much more. If you wish, you can participate in all events published on the platform. From your own search criteria, you can order a weekly message about upcoming events to your e-mail and delete that message accordingly. You should add English to the language selection to also see international events.


On Laurea career tools tab, you can find information offered by Laurea's career services for students and alumni. The section offers you comprehensive working life and career information regarding, for example, your own skills and strengths, employment, job search and transition to working life. Please note that an appointment for career guidance is only for students.


Your company can also submit a job vacancy, internship, or thesis assignment to JobTeaser. More detailed information and instructions can be found from here.

How to sign up to JobTeaser

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