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JobTeaser Career Center for alumni

The JobTeaser Career Center is available for Laurea's alumni. Create your own profile and find open jobs and a lot of information to support your career planning!

JobTeaser is an international career portal aimed at students and alumni. JobTeaser connects students, alumni and companies, enabling both to easily connect with each others. Companies leave announcements one at a time per the University of Applied Sciences, so in the announcements submitted to Laurea's JobTeaser, they want to target specifically Laurea's students.

In JobTeaser students and alumni can find Europe-wide

  • Job advertisements of different lengths and levels
  • Work life events, webinars and trainings
  • Career planning and job search tips
  • Information about companies

If you select from your profile that you are open to job offers and add your CV, the information will also be updated in Laurea's talent bank. Laurea's key partners have access to this database. These employers can search for the skills they need from this database and approach students and alumni through direct recruitment. These companies and organizations can be found on the Companies tab under the label "Key Partner". You can also directly contact the companies you are interested in.

Log in to JobTeaser

Please read the instructions carefully before logging to JobTeaser. See below instructions for new user and graduating students.



  1. Sign up as a new user. 
    • Fill in basic profile information.
  2. Important! In order to see the right services for alumni, you must select the Course/programme: ALUMNI (ENG)
  3. Select the positions that interest you. These choices affect which events and offers you see by default on the Jobs tab. You can easily change them in your profile under My criteria.
  4. Complete your registration and activate your account via the link provided in your email.
  5. You can now update the personal information on the Dashboard tab.

Check out the singing instructions here.


When you are about to graduate and the account is about to expire, you can continue using JobTeaser by changing your email address. Do this:

  1. Log in to Laurea's JobTeaser with your account
  2. In your account settings, change your email address to the email you will use after graduation.
  3. Log out of JobTeaser.
  4. On the login page, click the "Log in with your email address" link and order yourself a new password with your changed email address with "Forgot your password?" function.
  5. After changing your password, you can continue using your JobTeaser account via the same link.
  6. On the Desktop tab, go to edit my profile and change your personal information to ALUMNI (ENG) in the form that opens under the profile picture. This is important to remember to do in order to see all of the alumni content.

Check out the login instructions here.


Sing up or log in

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JobTeaser - Find the next expert from the student network

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