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JobTeaser Career Center

The JobTeaser Career Center is now available for Laurea's alumni. Create your own profile and find open jobs and lot of information to support your career planning!

JobTeaser is a career portal where you can find lot of career information in one platform:

  • Open jobs
  • Events related to the working life
  • Advice & guidance
  • Employer profiles

By adding a CV to the service, you can apply for open jobs directly through JobTeaser.

Sign up to JobTeaser

Please read the instructions carefully before signing in to JobTeaser. See below instructions for new user and graduating students.


  1. Sign up as a new user. Check out the login instructions here.
  2. Fill in basic profile information. Important! In order to see the right services for alumni, you must select the Course/major/programme: ALUMNI (ENG)
  3. On the next page, you can select the positions that interest you. These positions will modify the events and offers that you will see in your personal space. You can easily modify them later.
  4. Complete your registration and activate your account via the link provided in your email.
  5. You can now update the personal information on the Dashboard tab.


  1. Log in to the service with Laurea's student email address. Check out the login instructions here.
  2. Click the pattern in the upper-right corner of the page and open Account Settings. Replace your student email address with your new personal email address.
  3. On the Dashboard tab, go to "Edit My Profile" and change your course information to ALUMNI (ENG). This is important to remember to do to make all content intended for alumni visible.


Sing up or login:

Instructions for using the JobTeaser


If you have any questions, please contact