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Apply and send us your application video by the 16th of May 2023!

Basic information

  • Target audience: High school graduates around the world
  • Application period: Applications by 16.5.2023
  • Date: Studies start in autumn 2023
  • Scope: 3 years, 1 year in Finland
  • Location: Espoo Leppävaara, Finland
  • Price: Tuition fees: 3,968€ for an EU citizen and 9,920€ for non-EU citizen

With nearly 8000 students, Laurea is one of the biggest UAS's in Finland. Laurea UAS's location close to Helsinki gives great enter­tainment and exploration opportunities: Helsinki, the capital of Finland on one side, and on the other side the stunning Finnish nature and National Parks.

Laurea ranks high in evaluations of Finnish higher education institutions, especially in the "quality of education" category. The close cooperation with work-life is our spe­ciality and gives our students excellent skills regarding future work.

Business management across Europe Bachelor Programme

Business Management across Europe is more than a bachelor programme. It im­merses students in a truly trans-European experience that leads to a double degree. In this 3-year curriculum, an exceptional part­nership of reputed business schools offers one unique, horizon-broadening degree pro­gramme. Now you have the opportunity to study the first year in Finland's high ranking educational institutes, Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Trans-European Bachelor Programme consists of following courses:

  • Business Processes
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour
  • Project Management and Communication
  • Profitable Business
  • Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture
  • Customer-Oriented Business Development and Marketing
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Business Environment in a Global Economy
  • Digital Service Business and Marketing

* Please note specific course offerings are subject to change.

Instructions for applying to the BME programme -1st year at Laurea UAS Finland

(after pre‐acceptance from Leuven)*

 *subject to change without notice.

Step 1.

First apply and get pre-acceptance* from UCLL, Belgium

 *subject to change without notice.

Step 2.

Watch the Laurea 1st year application introduction video

Step 3.

Record your own video in English, max two (2) minutes. Please focus on answering these questions: Why do you want to study in Finland and at Laurea? What are your learning objectives and how would you spend your year in Finland? Why should Laurea select you as a student? The idea is to indicate how motivated you are and additionally show a little bit about your personality as well. We are not judging the visual aspects or fancy editing of the video. Try to communicate in a natural way in your video to reflect the way you are as a person and demonstrate that you have the required skills to communicate orally in English.

Upload your video on to Youtube or a similar streaming service. You may choose to upload the video as a private/public video depending on your preference. However, the video should be visible for the reviewers. Please send a link to your video by email to with the subject “BME APPLICATION”.

Please note that Laurea UAS may ask for further details and information during the process.

Step 4.

Wait for the results.

Important dates

  • Deadline for applying AND sending the videos is 16th May 2023.
  • Students will be informed if they are accepted by 23rd May 2023.
  • Students need to confirm their place by 1st June 2023.
  • The academic year in Laurea UAS will begin at the end of August 2023, and end by the end of May 2024. More specific information will be given closer to the beginning of the academic year.


Laurea UAS's tuition fee for the 2023-2024 academic year is:

  • €3,968 for an EU citizen
  • €9,920 for a non-EU citizen


We are happy to help you with finding accommodation in Finland. In Laurea we have hundreds of international stu­dents annually so we are experienced in helping students to find proper ac­commodation for their needs. Estimat­ed cost of living near the Helsinki region vary, but typically is 700- 900€ per month. We will be happy to help you.

Contact persons

BME academics: Senior Lecturer, Sebastian King,

BME programme in Finland: Development Manager, Ilkka Kurkela,

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