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Basic information

  • Target audience: High school graduates around the world
  • Application period: Spring 2024. Subject to acceptance by UCLL. The deadline for confirming your study place at Laurea UAS is 3 June 2024.
  • Date: Studies start in autumn 2024
  • Scope: 3 years, 1 year in Finland
  • Location: Espoo Leppävaara, Finland
  • Price: Tuition fees: 3,968€ for an EU citizen and 9,920€ for a non-EU citizen

With around 8 000 students, Laurea is one of the biggest UAS's in Finland. Our location close to Helsinki gives great enter­tainment and exploration opportunities: Helsinki, the capital of Finland on one side, and on the other side the stunning Finnish nature and National Parks. 

Laurea ranks high in evaluations of Finnish higher education institutions, especially in the "quality of education" category. Through close collaboration with the professional world, we equip students with key skills to build a successful future career.

The Business Management across Europe Bachelor Programme

Business Management across Europe is more than a bachelor programme. It immerses students in a truly trans-European experience that leads to a double degree. In this 3-year curriculum, an exceptional partnership of reputed business schools offers one unique, horizon-broadening degree programme. 

The BME programme is coordinated by UCLL in Leuven, Belgium, with participants studying each year in a different country. Join the BME programme and you can study your first year in one of Finland's high ranking educational institutes, Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

The trans-European Bachelor Programme at Laurea UAS consists of the following courses:

  • Business Processes
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour
  • Project Management and Communication
  • Profitable Business
  • Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture
  • Customer-Oriented Business Development and Marketing
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Business Environment in a Global Economy
  • Digital Marketing and Sales

Instructions for applying to the BME programme -1st year at Laurea UAS Finland

Step 1.

First apply and get pre-acceptance from UCLL, Belgium

Step 2.

Contact to register your interest in studying at Laurea UAS. You are welcome to study BME at Laurea if you have been pre-accepted by UCLL. There is nevertheless a limit on the available study places on our programme, so in case of high demand students will be accepted in the order in which they apply.

Step 3.

You will receive an email confirming your study place at Laurea UAS for the first year of the BME programme. Confirm your acceptance of your study place by June 3 2024.  

Please note that Laurea UAS may ask for further details and information during the process.

Important dates

  • Students receive confirmation of their study place at Laurea during May 2024 after pre-acceptance by UCLL Leuven.
  • Students need to confirm their place by 3rd June 2024.
  • The academic year in Laurea UAS will begin at the end of August 2024, and end by the end of May 2025. More specific information will be given closer to the beginning of the academic year.
  • Students who have been accepted onto the programme will be invited to an online pre-orientation meeting in early June 2024.


Laurea UAS's tuition fee for the 2024-2025 academic year is:

  • €3,968 for an EU citizen
  • €9,920 for a non-EU citizen


At Laurea, we welcome hundreds of international stu­dents each year and are happy to offer you guidance on finding a suitable place to live. Estimates of the cost of living in the Helsinki region vary, but typically students will pay 700- 900€ per month for accommodation. Please refer to our web pages for more detailed information.

Contact persons

BME matters: Coordinator of the Business Management degree programme, Sebastian King,

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