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A better vision of the world through BME studies

Daan Pasture from Leuven, Belgium, started his BME studies this autumn and attends the Business Management programme at the Leppävaara Campus of Laurea. Daan chose to study in Finland because he was particularly interested in the courses offered in the Laurea Business Management degree programme. The Finnish nature and an interest in animal spotting are also close to Daan’s heart.

Daan Pasture

One of the decisive factors in selecting a place to study was his hobby, cheerleading. Daan now practices with the Finnish National Cheerleading Team, co-ed division. Next season he will be training the team as well. Thanks to this hobby, Daan has picked up the Finnish language surprisingly well, because all of his teammates are Finnish speakers.

Daan has enjoyed his time and studies in Finland: “It has been really fun. I have a lot of freedom. I am, for the first time, living on my own. So it is a double challenge” he says. “And once you get to know Finnish people, then they are really open. So it is just a matter of patience. If you get to know them they are really nice and fun people.”

With his studies Pasture has learnt that you cannot leave things at the last minute: projects must be planned and scheduled just like at work.

“The studies are really work-oriented – you get thrown into the real world, projects we have to do involve real companies which we have to work with in real time.”

Daan says and thinks that the studies will help you to be prepared for the demands of work.

“You can learn everything you want from books, but to really do it - it is something very different.”

Daan will stay in Finland until the end of May, after which he will continue studying in Belgium for a year. He is still not sure where he will complete his third year of studies. One of the options is London.

The BME studies have offered Daan, who is adventurous by nature, a perfect and slightly different type of opportunity to get the degree of his dreams. “I love psychology. My passion is to find a new way to make advertisements. To work for the companies like Apple, Samsung or Facebook is my dream.”

Daan thinks that the best part of the BME programme is that it offers students a unique opportunity to learn about many cultures and languages and to build an international network.

“The BME programme itself is something completely unique. In the BME programme you get the vision of the world,” Daan sums up.


Provided jointly by European higher education institutions, the BME (Business Management across Europe) programme is a tuition-based, Bachelor-level business management programme in English.

The students complete 180 credits in three years, studying at three different higher education institutions around Europe. Upon completion of their studies, the students will receive a double degree: one from Belgium and one from the third-year partner school of their choice.

The BME programme has been running for ten years now, with approximately 60–80 new students enrolling in the programme each year.

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