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Isidora Sofronijevic: “Business Management is a versatile field where you can combine several of your passions”

Isidora Sofronijevic applied to Laurea’s Business Management Degree Programme to develop practical skills.

- I got interested in Laurea because of its learning by developing model. I wanted to join a study programme that would allow me to develop practical skills, says Isidora Sofronijevic.

Sofronijevic is a second-year Business Management student from Serbia. Before applying to Laurea, she studied sociology in her home country, but she soon realized that it was something she was more interested in as a hobby than as a career.

- Business management has been something that I’ve always been interested in, mostly because it’s a dynamic field where you face a lot of challenges every day. I have also always felt that I have strong organizational and leadership skills.

Motivating environment 

Sofronijevic emphasizes that the best thing about her studies has been the relationships she has created and the level of support she has received from her classmates and teachers. 

- I think it’s important that you find an environment where people can motivate you and help you develop yourself. Last year, I participated in a competition with my classmates, and the school really rallied behind us and provided us with all sorts of support and advice.

Sofronijevic completed her first work placement through her previous work experience, and she will start her second placement this winter in customer care. 

- I think it’s a great thing about Laurea that I was able to do that because it allowed me to have an opportunity to reflect on the things I learned from that job experience.

Aiming to do good

Sofronijevic describes her career goals as centred around project management and sales since those are the fields in which she already has the skills and competencies that can help her succeed. 

- I would like to have a steady career development. And after my studies, I would like to work in a company that contributes to the community in some way.

Helping the community has also been a part of Sofronijevic’s studies. 

- The most interesting project I have done has been for a food aid organization. I felt like we were really doing something that mattered by helping the community organize itself better and helping those who needed support.

Isidora recommends the Business Management Degree Programme to those who want to have a lot of different career options. 

- I think this is a very versatile field where you can combine several of your passions.

She also highlights the usefulness of the degree and Its learning opportunities for people who want to start their own business one day. 

- I would also recommend it to people who want to develop their skills in international teamwork.

Student Story: Business Management

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