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Degree students Mark and Yasmin enjoy the practice-oriented teaching

Mark and Yasmin study in the English-language Social Services programme

Social Services programme students Mark and Yasmin

News 29.10.2018

Mark and Yasmin both started their studies in Laurea’s English-language Social Services programme in the autumn of 2018. Mark applied for the Bachelor of Social Services programme, as he wants to work as a kindergarten teacher in the future. Even before his studies began, Mark received a placement in a daycare centre through the Employment and Economic Development Office. After the placement, he was listed by the Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut temp agency, which has provided him with work taking care of children in different daycare centres. This has increased his interest in working with children.

Before she started her Bachelor of Social Services studies, Yasmin studied business management at a vocational institute. According to her experience, the business studies also integrate well with the social services programme. The extensiveness of the Bachelor of Social Services degree, in particular, interested Yasmin.

-I wanted a job in which I can help people in some capacity. All my previous studies were in English, so it made sense to me to continue on the same path, Yasmin says. 

Mark and Yasmin have been positively surprised by the language skills of teachers and by how much they have already received tips concerning the studies and future working life although their studies have only just begun.
I think that this place totally rocks and I’m going to like it here. Students, teachers and tutors are all really nice, Mark says.

- Our tutors have been so helpful. It is great when you have someone who is approachable and easy to talk to about anything, Yasmin continues.

The best part of the studies is that they are practical and international

Various group work assignments and the international group of students have been particularly rewarding. The studies include plenty of discussions about the unique life stories of the students, and cultural differences emerge as well. In addition to Finland, students in the programme come from Nepal, Israel, Italy, Portugal, and Iran, among others.  The international students introduce the customs and norms of their home countries to others, and Mark and Yasmin have found it extremely refreshing.  The international group has helped them look at thing from many different angles. The studies have also been attended by exchange students from around the world.

-Each individual is interesting, everyone is unique, Mark says.

The Bachelor of Social Services studies include a lot of group and project work. Both Yasmin and Mark think that the group work included in the education suits their personalities very well.

-Sitting only in lectures is not for me! For me, group work is perfect since the assignments provide me with lots of new perspectives on different matters and I also learn from the other students, not just from the teacher, Yasmin says.

The Bachelor of Social Services studies suit an open and outgoing personality
Group and project work allow students from different fields to meet. The first semester has already included a course where the students have had the opportunity to work together with English-language nursing programme students.

-Coordinating the schedules of groups, for example, requires patience since finding time slots that suit all members of the group may not be an easy task, Yasmin says.

According to Yasmin and Mark, it is important that a student of social services likes to work in a group. Mark is of the opinion that the studies best suit individuals who like meeting new people and learning about other cultures.

It is important that you have an open mind for everything new, Mark emphasises.

According to Yasmin, studying in ways and learning skills that are needed in working life is good.
-You encounter different kinds of people and coordinate schedules in the working life as well, so it is really important that we prepare for the working life already during our education, Yasmin says.

What has been the best part of the studies? Watch the interview!