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Master's thesis: Business model innovation process also generates product innovations

Sanna Reunanen’s innovation process implemented as a thesis for a collaborative partner also generated ideas for product development.

In her thesis, Sanna Reunanen, who studies in the Master’s degree programme in Innovative Digital Services in the Future, studied how the innovation process implemented for GoGolf Oy in winter 2020 generated not only a business model but also plenty of ideas for product development. One of the ideas that emerged was the game product GoGolf Play with a monthly fee, which was launched directly for consumer sales in April 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic created a need for rapid product launch.

Reunanen’s thesis and related development project focus on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the innovation process of the business model. The development project was implemented as an assignment for the golf operator GoGolf Oy.

The new model enables rapid development

The development project resulted in a model that enables companies to analyse the current business model and innovate a new model quickly and in an agile manner. Working with GoGolf revealed that the model also served as a good tool for creating ideas for new product and service concepts.

The development project took place just before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and several product ideas emerged during the process. While the plans would have included testing the business model during the spring, it was decided to directly test the newly designed service concepts as the golf sector needed new products for new hobbyists quickly. 

Service design utilised in the business process

In the first week of May 2020, Kurk Golf was the first Finnish golf court to introduce the new, order-based game product GoGolf Play. GoGolf Play is a golfing licence with a monthly fee that does not require the user to commit.

— GoGolf is known for new innovative solutions to play golf in Finland and abroad. Our mission is to facilitate playing golf as a hobby, says Hanni Tyry, who was responsible for the development of GoGolf Play at GoGolf.

The business process itself utilised the Double Diamond framework that is often used in service design, and especially the Business Model Canvas model and Business Model Navigator proved to be great tools

The Master's thesis can be accessed through Theseus.

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