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Laurea is closely involved in European research projects

Horizon 2020 funding for three new projects in the security management sector.

Laurea has been the most successful Finnish university of applied sciences in the funding applications for the EU Horizon 2020 programme. In January, the programme granted funding for three new security management projects that involve Laurea. The most important of these projects is the EUR 7 million AI-ARC project coordinated by Laurea.

Horizon 2020 was an EU programme that supports top-level European research and innovation development. Nearly EUR 80 billion of funding was allocated through the programme. The seven-year programme ended in 2020.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences has been very successful with Horizon 2020 funding applications. At the end of 2020, Laurea had received more than EUR 5.5 million from the programme, which is by far the most when compared to other Finnish universities of applied sciences.

-    Thanks to international projects, Laurea will be able to increase the effectiveness of its research, development and innovation activities since the results can be utilised immediately in several European countries, says Mari Vuolteenaho, Laurea's Vice President responsible for RDI activities.
-    Horizon 2020 funding is highly competitive, and we can be happy and proud that Laurea's applications have been successful in this rigorous competition.

Laurea has been particularly successful in the security management sector, specifically under the Horizon 2020 Secure Societies theme. Most recently, three projects that include Laurea received funding in January 2021. First, Laurea is coordinating the AI-ARC project with a budget of EUR 7 million. The project aims to improve maritime security in the Arctic area by means of a situational picture system based on artificial intelligence.

Second, the CYCLOPES project establishes a Europe-wide network to combat cybercrime. Third, the NOTIONES project gathers actors from 15 European countries to develop European intelligence cooperation in the fight against crime.

-    Laurea's strength in the RDI of the security management sector is a multidisciplinary approach to security challenges rather than traditional sectoral thinking, says Director of Research and Development Isto Mattila from Laurea.
-    This approach opens up opportunities for finding solutions to everyday problems with new actors in a rapidly changing operating environment, such as the security challenges of urban infrastructure, safe at-home housing for the elderly, asymmetric hybrid threats, and digital information exchange services for citizens during disruptions, to mention some new areas of RDI.

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