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30 years of Laurea's English-language nursing education

Laurea celebrates the 30th anniversary of Finland's first English-language nursing education on 10 April 2024 at the Tikkurila campus in Vantaa. Former lecturers, students and partners from welfare regions, as well as representatives of ministries, specialised nursing and nursing professional organisations have been invited to the celebrations.

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Laurea wants to celebrate 30 years of international nursing education and the development of the programme over these years. The programme was based at the Otaniemi campus in Espoo until 2015; today it is based at the Tikkurila campus. Over the years, hundreds of students have come to Laurea from all over the world to study for a nursing degree.

Laurea's international nursing education has served as an important pathway for international nurses and students to find employment in the Finnish healthcare sector. With the shortage of nurses, the importance of training international students has been further strengthened.