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The NOTIONES project develops Europe-wide intelligence activities and preparedness for security threats

Laurea participates in the Horizon 2020 project, which develops a network of intelligence and security operators.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences is involved in the European security project NOTIONES (iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and securIty practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS). The project received an affirmative funding decision from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme at the beginning of the year. The aim of the project is to develop coordination among European intelligence and security operators in order to strengthen the EU's capacity to combat terrorist threats.

The project’s name NOTIONES refers to a word in Latin which means knowledge and awareness. The name therefore refers to the purpose of the project to produce better information and understanding on combating terrorist threats through cooperation between different operators. According to Julia Nevmerzhitskaya, the project manager at Laurea, the aim of NOTIONES is to identify what kind of new technology operators need for intelligence activities and combatting crimes such as online terrorism.

The NOTIONES project includes a total of 30 partners. The project is coordinated by the Italian technology company Technalia. The project also includes ministries responsible for security, operators in the sector of technology and academic partners. Actors from a total of nine EU countries and six countries associated with Horizon 2020 are involved.

In addition to Laurea, Finnish partners include VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Laurea and VTT are jointly responsible for the project's work package, which focuses on cooperation between the project partners and stakeholders. In addition, Laurea participates in research on the information and technical needs of end users and in project communications.

The five-year project will be launched in autumn 2021.

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