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Boost your professional skills and competences! – Training for international experts

The Talent Vantaa project and Laurea have created a training package aimed at international talents, which offers reinforcement of working life skills, creativity for career planning, and joy for networking.

At the beginning of December, a new education aimed at international talents will start at the Laurea Tikkurila campus. The free-of-charge training called Boost your professional skills and competences focuses on career planning and mapping the participants' working life skills. 

The aims of the training include

  • Defining your core values
  • Knowing your strengths
  • Identifying your skills
  • Building up professional self-confidence
  • Trying out creative communication styles to express competence
  • Exploring strengths in a safe environment
  • Building courage through creative action.

The inspiring and creative training offers a great opportunity to network with other international experts and companies from Vantaa.

The training is part of the Talent Vantaa project which implements the targets of the national Talent Boost Program. The project is implemented with the cooperation of the City of Vantaa and Laurea and receives funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Sing up for the training!

Six Sessions to Rebuild Professional Abilities

The Training is for you, if 

  • you have moved to Finland with previous higher education qualifications
  • you are finding it hard to establish your professional career here
  • you are finding it hard through lack of networks
  • you are lacking courage or being hesitant due to cultural or personal factors
  • you are finding it hard to highlight your potential or professional competences
  • you are looking for a fun and creative way of finding solutions to your professional growth.

The training includes six sessions which are aimed at being low-threshold sessions utilizing creative methods to empower and facilitate professional growth. You will benefit the most if you attend all six meetings – but it is also possible to participate in only one or a few coaching sessions. 


This fun and creative training session will help you to strengthen your self-expression for achieving your career dreams. Participate and recreate your professional networks in Finland!

At Laurea Tikkurila Campus 1.12.22 in class B403 at 13–15.30.


This training session will facilitate you to identify your working life strengths and competences. In addition, you will learn how your life experiences could help you land a great job. 

At Laurea Tikkurila Campus 19.1.23 in class B208 and B209 at 9–11.30.


This training session includes the identification of human interaction diversity and strengthening interactive skills in a fun and creative way. 

At Laurea Tikkurila Campus 9.2.23 in class B208, B209 and B202 at 13–15.30.


This session will help you identify your key teamwork skills. In addition, you will become familiar with different group roles in workplace teams.

At Laurea Tikkurila Campus 23.2.23 in class B208 and B209 at 13–15.30.


In this training session, you will learn to summarize your working life skills and create paths for your future dream work. You will also become familiar with the VAINU-tool, which helps you to find jobs that are not always so visible.

At Laurea Tikkurila Campus 8.3.2023 in class B403 at 9–12. 


In this session, you have a chance to network, meet and encounter your possible future employer at a national recruiting event in Helsinki on 4.4.2023. 



Senior Lecturer, Art Therapist Satu Bethell

Senior Lecturer, drama educator, and certified psychodramatist Anu Hagman


Sing up for the training!



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