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SCIentific gateway Based User Support

The SCI-BUS project aims to ease the life of e-Scientists by creating a new science gateway customisation methodology.

  • Toteutusaika:1.10.2011 - 30.9.2014
  • Rahoittaja:EU FP7
  • Tutkimusalue:
  • Projektityyppi:International RDI

The SCI-BUS project aims to ease the life of e-Scientists by creating a new science gateway customisation methodology based on the generic-purpose gUSE/WS-PGRADE portal family. The customised science gateways will enable scientists to focus on their work and exploit resources of main Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) without the need to deal with the underlying infrastructures' details.

The project will provide gateway services for various types of user communities and for various NGI user communities. The gateway services will enable unified access to and seamless integration of the underlying networking, computing and data infrastructures and services for all the major DCI infrastructures used in Europe.

The SCI-BUS project will provide a portlet repository to the user community and an application repository for the underlying custom applications. This technology will be used by the SCI-BUS project itself to create several customised (or domain-specific) science gateways for different user communities.

- To create and further develop a generic-purpose gateway technology that provides seamless access to major computing, data and networking infrastructures and services
- To elaborate and disseminate an application-specific gateway building technology and customisation methodology based on the generic portal, which will be used to create gateways for various type of user communities represented in the project, and will be published through a portlet repository
- To provide support for users and gateway developers and administrators in the new communities to build, operate and use their own customised gateways
- To develop business models that guarantee the sustainability of the gateway services developed in the project to enable the commercial exploitation of the developed technologies.