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Sometaduuniin - Sosiaalinen media työnhaun ja rekrytoitumisen apuna

The aim of Sometaduuniin project was to develop the competences to utilize social media in work search and getting employed and to guide students. The project produced three training packages in Finnish language: Sometaduuniin studies for students and packages for guiding personnel and concerning the pedagogical use of e-portfolios. Additionally the project developed virtual encounters for employers and students.

  • Implementation date10/1/2016 - 12/31/2019
  • FunderESR 2014-2020
  • Research areaPedagogy
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI

In national project the competences of the staff of higher education organisations, students and employers were enhanced to apply for a job and to market and brand themselves by developing the use of social media and virtual encounters for students and employers.

The project investigated and made visible the practices of utilizing social media for work search and getting employed for higher education staff, students and working life representatives. Based on this knowledge training packages were planned and developed so that they could be used nationally by students and guidance personel. To support recruitment virtual encounters were tested to enable the employers and students to meet each other.

The role of Laurea in the project was especially to develop and test virtual career and recruitment events. Additionally we aimed to develop portfolio practices.

The project was led by Outi Rantanen in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (outi.rantanen(a) At Laurea the development the project manager was Anna Nykänen (anna.nykanen(a) Other participating universities were University of Eastern Finland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The three-year project ended on December 2019. It was funded by European Social Fund/North Ostrobothnia ELY Centre.

Visit the project website for project results (mainly in Finnish)

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