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NETTA - Erityistä tukea tarvitsevien nuorten työllisyyden ja osaamisen tuki

The purpose of the project is to facilitate the entrance of the young people with special needs to the working life. The project aims to find ways to match the workers’ skills with the employers’ needs. The operational model will be developed with the help of the pilot experiments and co-creation.

  • Implementation date5/1/2021 - 6/30/2023
  • FunderESR 2014-2020
  • Research programmeSustainable and versatile social and health care
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI
  • ThemesPedagogy and cocreation, Ethical competence and foresight competence
  • Project managerJukka Laitinen

New skills and competences as well as fresh attitudes will be required to recruit people with special needs, especially when the restrictions include a lack in communication skills. In the Netta project the aim is to develop an action model to strengthen the skills and competences in working life to recruit people with special need.

The Netta project aims to co-create an action model and services to support not only young people looking for employment, but also the entrepreneurs and companies, which could offer employment. We are focusing especially on young people wishing to enter the working life, but also other people with special needs can be supported by the co-created action model. The model with the included services will enable communication between these two parties to better recognize the strengths and skills of the young people but also to critically evaluate job descriptions so these strengths and skills could be considered better.

The Netta project will be carried out in cycles of co-creation: first the pilot partners will be selected from both parties. Then various workshops will be organized to clarify the vision and identify possible strengths and weaknesses on both sides. After this, the shared vision will be formulated and steps towards that vision will be outlined. In practice the pilots will be started, and the tools and methods formulated and tested in different phases. The final aim is on the other hand to find a job for the young candidates, and on the other hand to find workers for the companies looking for new employees. Based on the pilots, all the experiences will be collected and analysed, and the action model formulated and clarified.

As a final aim is an action model with practical recommendations for the different actors in the ecosystem to increase the possibilities of the young people with special needs to get a job and matching their skills.

The Netta project will produce new skills and competences consisting of not only knowledge, but also of values and attitudes as well of networks based on a multidisciplinary and multi-actor-based ecosystem built in the project. This ecosystem will guarantee the seamless co-creation path towards the future without ostracism so people with special needs are better included in the work life.

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