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Empowering People towards Socially Inclusive Society

Laurea University of Applied Sciences is a nationally significant authority in the field of expertise-by-experience and in providing practical solutions for marginalization, and the project Empowering People towards Socially Inclusive Society further develops these competences and especially theoretical underpinnings of the area. The project develops theoretical concepts and methodologies that will form the bedrock for practical solutions developed in the project. Co-creation and active stakeholder engagement are inherent in the project design, and naturally experts-of-experience are involved in the studies. In addition to theoretical and practical contributions, the project strives towards a people-centered paradigm shift in the social and health care sector. This kind of approach focuses on the viewpoints and experiences of clients and grassroots-level workers, which will lead to improved wellbeing and more inclusive society.

  • Implementation date1/1/2022 - 6/30/2024
  • FunderOKM Erityisrahoitus
  • Research areaSustainable and versatile social and health care
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI