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City Drivers

  • Implementation date5/22/2017 - 9/30/2019
  • FunderESR 2014-2020
  • Research areaService design and business models
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI

The project aims to improve the creative industry professionals, entrepreneurs, students and teachers innovation and collaboration skills which are required when participating in various stages of multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary innovation projects. The aims is also to improve target group’s networking skills among their peers and stakeholders from other industries. A series of innovation courses includes theoretical training but the emphasis of educational activities is in hands-on doing in various Living Lab environments. Theoretical teaching covers topics such as innovation, media and culture/art driven methods, public tendering processes, startups and funding related issues.

Cases for Living Lab activities are based on customer/citizen driven need which are provided by various cities in Finland. Project will also co-create ten concepts which combines various innovation, media and culture/art driven methods into one holistic approach. These concepts are licenced under creative common CC BY licence and therefore publically available for usage. As a part of Living Lab activities, the project will produce also a group of design stories, which illustrates how creative industry professionals can create additional value when collaboration with professionals from other industries. Design stories will also operate also as a personal portfolio for participants.

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