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Quality Management and Quality Politics at Laurea

Quality management is linked to all operations of Laurea UAS as different monitoring and development measures, and it is therefore a part of the management, strategic work and internal performance management of the organisation.

Laurea’s quality policy creates a common foundation for quality management at Laurea. Quality policy refers to an entity consisting of the objectives and basic principles of the quality system as well as the division of responsibilities in quality management.

The objectives of Laurea's quality system are to

  • support management and the quality of the operations by producing systematic information on the operations,
  • harmonise and streamline the quality management procedures and operating methods,
  • strengthen Laurea's quality culture and participation of Laurea staff and students in quality work,
  • support the dissemination of good practices

The basic principles of Laurea's quality system are

  • the realisation of a student-centric approach,
  • skilled and motivated personnel,
  • compliance with shared rules and guidelines,
  • integration of quality management with all operations and with the work of each Laurea employee,
  • the systematic monitoring and assessment of quality with the aim of continuous improvement of the operations


  • President: overall responsibility for quality management according to the quality system
  • Vice Presidents: responsibility for quality and quality enhancement in their respective areas
  • Director, Quality Management and Quality Coordinator: support, steering and development of quality management according to the quality system
  • Director of Development: safety and security management and risk management
  • Development group for quality management: assessment and development of the quality system to achieve Laurea’s strategic intent and development of the quality system according to annual priorities
  • Personnel: responsibility for the quality of their own work, responsibilities outlined in the standard operating procedures
  • Development groups: responsibilities outlined in the standard operating procedures
  • Students: giving feedback, promoting student-centricity of operations as members of development groups
  • Working life partners and strategic stakeholders: giving feedback and participating in development activities and key bodies

Get to know quality management at Laurea in more detail:

Quality Audit

Laurea’s quality system fulfills the criteria for the quality management of higher education institutions and corresponds to the European principles and recommendations. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) conducted an audit of Laurea UAS in 2016 and has awarded Laurea a quality label that is valid for six years from August 2016. Laurea’s next quality audit will be in Spring 2022.


An example of everyday quality management at Laurea

Laurea has quality criteria for online studies as well as for daytime and blended learning, which help teachers to consider various elements and pedagogical solutions that are fundamental to planning a high-quality implementation.

More information: